I paid $24k to mastermind with 100 SMMA owners (here’s everything I learned…)
Hey Ad Men,
I just posted this past weekends mastermind recap video to my YouTube channel!
You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/RJxWGg200c0
In this video you'll see...
💰 How Jeremy Haynes is split-testing a DSL vs. the traditional VSL... and why you should maybe think about testing it yourself!
💰 How Jeremy Haynes is using "prompt engineering" to speed up is copywriting process with Chat-GPT
💰 How Joel Yi (Dan Lok's former Sales Manager) is helping his clients Add An Additional $20-40k/week in Sales By Farming Leads They've Already Spent Money On Ads To Get...
💰 How Michael Supina Sends 1,000 Video Pitches per month...
💰 How Brandon Carter uses Drugs, Diet, And Discipline to hit $500k/months in his high-ticket coaching biz...
💰 How Jeremy Moser helps his clients make $1m/month with IG shoutoutsAnd a whole lot more...
-Brian "masterminds" Moncada
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