Novel Communication Ideas Workshop
Dear Community,
I realised that I may have asked this question inside a less frequented group.
I wonder if you can help with your advice.
I have been tasked with coming up with a 2-4 hour workshop concept to gather ideas for the creation of novel communication materials from 6 participants. Here is what I had intended to propose:
Collect Phase:
1- Sailboat exercise
2- Lightning Demos
Choose Phase:
3- Voting and hierarchy of voted negatives from Sailboat exercise
4- Rewrite top voted problem as HMW for the Create Phase
Create Phase:
5- Idea storm to solve HMW from Choose phase
Commit Phase:
6- 2-Year goal
7- Can we questions
Do you think that this recipe will help me generate new ideas from all gathered workshop participants?
Would you recommend a different approach?
I am looking forward to your insights.
Best regards,
Sebastian Marcu
Novel Communication Ideas Workshop
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