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Christina Ramirez
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Bio: Wife of a SAINT, mama of 2 & 4 furry animals. In previous life I was an ICU RN, but now I'm founding a non profit for Myasthenia Gravis & doing THIS!
Clemente Ignatio
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Bio: Social Media Marketing Agency Owner Struggling to take action.
Sophie Adams
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Bio: I love connecting with people and sharing ideas with em❤️🫶
Muhammad Akram
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Bio: Blogger. Digital creator. SEO learner
Angie Mansfield
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Bio: Technology Surfer
Alwyn Stanford
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Bio: Real estate investor and owner of Stanford Investment grp.
Raoul Didisheim
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Bio: tech
Annette Thompson
Ajijic, Mexico
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Bio: Using technology to rescue dogs in Mexico.
Kenneth Kingz
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Bio: Cool
Paul Partridge
Northeast United States
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Bio: Experienced copywriter turned entrepreneur. Worked for Amex, AT&T, Nissan, Royal Caribbean ++. Just sold company after 15 yrs. Seeking next adventure.
Sid Rouhani
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Bio: Entrepreneurship, SEO, sales, business development, and sports/fitness. Fortune favours the brave. Never give up. Recalibrate.
Jb Benton
Atlanta, GA • INFJ
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Bio: A father and web developer, determined to craft a heartfelt entrepreneurial roadmap that will inspire my teenage daughters to pursue their passions.
Sarvin Ismayilov
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Bio: Ai Enthusiast & Learner
Carrie Sullivan
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Bio: I help others break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and become debt-free. I love reading, digital technology, crafts, & learning new things!
Abderrahim Abdo
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Bio: Good quality
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Vito Santoro
V. Michael Santoro, an SEO expert, offers the 9-step Brand Velocity Accelerator Program to help entrepreneurs build their personal brands online.

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