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Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community helps entrepreneurs in the content era get the tools and resources needed to generate sales and make an impact on the world. Step 1: Introduce yourself below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the Classroom Resources ------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good posts and comments. • Be kind • If you need help, just ask the community 💪
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Jonathan Farber
Stephen G. Pope
Josh Pocock
Mark Mage
Bassey Jenny
New comment 1h ago
3 likes • Aug 26
Hi everyone. My name is Timothy and I am from Ukraine but currently live in England. I found a great passion in making content for the guys my age who are struggling with their lives or with their self-improvement journey. My main goal for now is to be able to consistantly post videos in my channel. And I feel like I need to be held accountable by someone else so I can excel in my craft.
Thumbnail Feedback
Hey everyone, I'm new here so I thought I'd try to get some feedback. I have a Gaming channel that usually plays through FNAF Games in the horror genre. I'd like to hear opinions on the thumbnail, along-side whether or not the title works well with it, and what I could possibly do to improve. Please give an honest opinion, I appreciate any feedback. Title: This FNAF PLUS UPDATE is UNBELIEVABLY TERRIFYING
Tymofii Pushnov
Joseph P
New comment 16d ago
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I think changing the font to a more thicker one would make things better. But I think the title + thumbnail go quite well together
Thumbnail Feedback
Hi guys, I have a self improvement youtube channel and I wanted to get some feedback on the thumbnail I made. The video is going to be about how to overcome overthinking and maybe perfectionism.
Stephen G. Pope
Matthew Silkwood
Tymofii Pushnov
New comment 20d ago
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@Stephen G. Pope Thank you for the feedback. This art style is actually quite popularised in the self improvement niche but I am still experimenting with different ideas.
0 likes • 23d
@Matthew Silkwood Thank you Matthew. This is quite valuable for me, I should explore deeper with the SEO side of the game, just as you call it
Creating A Group For Youtube Content Creators
Looking to create a group of 3-4 people who are serious about making it on Youtube. From MrBeast I have learned that it is 10x times better to start in a group with like minded people, trying to learn about Youtube algorithm and how to create viral videos, better thumbnails, better script etc. I am only looking for PASSIONATE people who are ready to go 100% at it. Text me if you are: - 16 or older - Preferably have a non-gaming channel - Know how to take feedback and learn from failures - Ready to grind every single day
Anyone looking to improve their coding skills?
Hi guys, I am currently on a very passionate wave length with my purpose and I want to improve the quality of my website. I tried to learn coding before but my skills are not enough to implement my ideas. So if you want to ameliorate your coding endevours, you are more than welcome to practise on my website. Right now I want to have the mobile version of my website because it looks really trippy on phones. Disclaimer: I don't have the financial assets to actually pay anyone atm, so any kindness will be whole-heartedly appreciated. My website:
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Tymofii Pushnov
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I believe that I can make this world better by helping people like me and reaching financial freedom to retire my family
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