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Cold DM Script X & IG
Hey Friends! I want to create a Cold DM script for outreach on twitter and Instagram. My coaching is about addiction recovery, eating disorders and depression/mental health. As a reference, I use this sales page Has anyone of you guys advise to create a killer script for me? My dream is to retire my parents with an ethical, helpful online business and I would love to turn it into reality so I am grateful for advice!
New comment Jan 9
Please tear apart my Sales page
Hi Friends First of all, I am not here to sell you anything. I launched my own sales page and would highly appreciate some advice on the copy and text I have written and improve it wherever I can. I want to build a highly converting page to retire my mother. I would love to receive some feedback on my sales page, especially on the text. Thanks a lot in advance, I would be extremely grateful for advice!
New comment Jan 4
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@Jack Alderton @Perris Aquino @Warren Gibbons @Brett Vachon Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me, I am very grateful and have changed a lot on my site. Hope I can retire my mother in three years. Hold my ass accountable. I plug this page to my warm audience through my newsletter or send the link after DMs. The page is still a work in progress and I will improve it along the way during the coming weeks as I learn more about good copy and use other pages as case study
Need help setting up sales page for coaching
Hey guys! I want start offering coaching calls today and I’m not quite sure how to set it up regarding the tools in the backend. So far, I an building my landing page on carrd and got the clickable button but I could use some advice on how to sell the coaching call. I have created a gumroad page and also have calendly and stripe done but how do I connect all that stuff and how can I make sure to be safe legally? Especially how can I integrate calendly booking after someone bought my package on gumroad? If you have better tools or processes for the stuff I also happily switch, I just watched some tutorials using gumroad. I just want to sell calls from a landing page, pretty basic. Thanks for your help!
New comment Nov '23
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@Waqar Ahmed yes sounds interesting
AI 𝕏/Twitter + LinkedIn Viral Post Generator
Just tested this free tool and m like, OMG!!😱 Though I can write an amazing SM post, this hands-down beats my time!! What now takes seconds with AI, would have taken me at least 1/2 hour+ Check out: LMK what you think 👌 *Disclaimer: I have NO affiliation with this this company - just sharing!!
New comment Nov '23
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Been searching for a bunch of hours for something like this because GPT was not that great. You can also enhance this with my find of the day right here : so you can turn your threads into Instagram carousels within seconds. Just use the whole package and throw it into Meta Business Suites Post scheduling tool and your'e good to go.
Building a landing page and connecting it with a service offer
Hey everyone! I want to get started putting my services online but I am not sure whats the ideal way, especially regarding the "backend" and services/tools to use and how to connect them. Generally, I want to offer addiction recovery consulting/coaching as 1:1 service. I want to build a Landingpage with three different offers. I want to use or carrd for for the landing page. My questions are: 1. What legal stuff do I have to consider and how to get some kind of a general terms of service which I might need within the selling process so I will not get into trouble (I will make my page and general product offer in english but I am from Germany) 2. How to set the services up on the backend, like what tool or selling platform to use and how to connect it to the landing-page the best way 3. Some other valuable best practices from more experienced members regarding their first landing page and product offer Thanks a lot everyone and best regards! Tobi
New comment Jan 1
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