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Let's Talk All Things chatGPT & content 🤖
Something I've noticed, pretty much overnight is how the world's perception of writing did a complete 360! It's gone from: "Seriously no one cares about writing, it doesn't matter anymore!" To this: "Writing is the most important thing! chatGPT our saviour! Writing is so important!" (go back and re-read that in the most corporate tone you could imagine 🏙️) I love this shift don't get me wrong but what caused this momentum swing ... chatGPT. I've been on it day in day out for the past month testing and experimenting what works and what doesn't, and let me tell you what I've found: ✅ chatGPT should be considered as a robot perched on your shoulder ❌ chatGPT is not a creator of content, YOU ARE! Instead of treating it as a microwave that's going to cook up your copy and content in seconds, use it to do the following: 🧠 Brainstorm 📝 Refine and edit your brilliant ideas 🤯 Act as a sounding board for when you have writers block If there's one thing that's been made clear in the first month of 2023... it's that WRITTING MATTERS! Have you jumped on chatGPT? What are your thoughts?
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How to make your words SING 🎤
No matter what you're writing; emails, ad copy, blogs, website copy, it's so important to keep the attention of your audience. The best way to do that is to make your writing sing. I couldn’t have articulated this any better - take a read and let me know your thoughts.
Q and A!
I'd love to extend out an invitation to any members of the CC hub who have TikTok, branding or marketing related questions :) Ask me below!
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What are your three top tips for brands starting out on TT?
It's 2023...!!!
So it's the new year...which means it's a new me (and new you, right!?) Yes, there's that but I'm here to tell you that it's time to start capitalising on 2023 🥳 The new year is trending ladies and gents! It's time to jump on the New Years resolution side of TikTok, and position your offering as something to aspire to or lust for... Use key wording like; 💡 This year I'm using more of (*your product*) for (*what your product does/offers*) or... 💡 2023 >> the year of (*insert product benefit here*) People are looking to self-improve, at this time of year - so give them a product to help them do it! So go give it a try...right now (I dare you 💪) HNY - happy tok-ing xx
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Taking notes from queen Tilly! 📝
Yes, you need a backup creator!
When it comes to content and collaborating with creators, ALWAYS have an extra 1 or 2 creators than you need. You are working with humans who have their own lives and things pop up (trust us we do this daily we've had covid, the flu, pets getting sick, problems with deliveries, products breaking, creators travelling, creators moving house, fires, floods, sick family members, creators breaking limbs and the list goes onnnnnnn) these are just a small list of issues that can arise with working with creators. Having a back up will allow you to have enough content should 1 (or god forbid more than 1) creator pull out of their content commitment (you don't want to be scrambling for content). If all creators pull through and send in content then great, you have lots of content to spread out for your posting schedule (too much content is such a lovely problem to have!) Trust me, organise that extra creator!
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