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Let's Talk All Things chatGPT & content 🤖
Something I've noticed, pretty much overnight is how the world's perception of writing did a complete 360! It's gone from: "Seriously no one cares about writing, it doesn't matter anymore!" To this: "Writing is the most important thing! chatGPT our saviour! Writing is so important!" (go back and re-read that in the most corporate tone you could imagine 🏙️) I love this shift don't get me wrong but what caused this momentum swing ... chatGPT. I've been on it day in day out for the past month testing and experimenting what works and what doesn't, and let me tell you what I've found: ✅ chatGPT should be considered as a robot perched on your shoulder ❌ chatGPT is not a creator of content, YOU ARE! Instead of treating it as a microwave that's going to cook up your copy and content in seconds, use it to do the following: 🧠 Brainstorm 📝 Refine and edit your brilliant ideas 🤯 Act as a sounding board for when you have writers block If there's one thing that's been made clear in the first month of 2023... it's that WRITTING MATTERS! Have you jumped on chatGPT? What are your thoughts?
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Interesting Tay!
Creators filming their own content vs having people film them in content
We have experienced this and it is something to be aware of! We come across a creator that looks great, they have great video examples and we send them a brief to film content. When it comes to them returning content, we have high expectations then we realise they haven't filmed content themselves and that someone has filmed them in content, so the content they filmed isn't as high quality as the examples they sent in. This means we require revisions and it blows out timelines. Instagram is one to be aware of, many photos and reels of creators looking amazing are often shot by photographers/videographers and have not been edited by the creator. TikTok is a platform where you can see what content they have filmed and edited themselves (but you can't message them if you both aren't following each other). So if you find someone you love on TikTok who is creating great content themselves - search for their TikTok handle on Instagram and reach out that way (they often have the same handle across socials or send them an email if they have their email listed!) Always check creators are creating content themselves (and not having someone film and edit it with the creator featuring in it!)
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THIS is how simple winning TikToks can be!
Just wanted to share one of our favourite TikToks from a brand we are managing on the platform. It can be so simple to add a trending sound and some copy to turn some footage into a winning ad.
10 social ideas for your e-commerce brand
1. Product demos with creative storytelling elements 2. 360-degree virtual product tours 3. Emotional customer testimonials with a before-and-after transformation 4. A behind-the-scenes look at the product creation process 5. Collaborative influencer challenges 6. Employee day in the life 7. Customer service role play scenarios with a comedic twist 8. Step-by-step product tutorials 9. Showcasing the brand's sustainability efforts 10. Photos of the week with mode on TikTok
Q and A!
I'd love to extend out an invitation to any members of the CC hub who have TikTok, branding or marketing related questions :) Ask me below!
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@Taylor Cc 1. Spend at least an hour a day on the platform! 2. Find your favourite brands and study their best performing videos 3. Post 1-3 times daily :)
@Hazel Lee Make videos you see on your own FYP and put a personal spin on them to be relevant to the brand :)
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