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Voice notes in the queue?
Personalising communication with voice notes (and some might like in app calls) would be an excellent add. Good to get a human voice on the other end particularly with bots and Ai increasingly coming our way.
New comment Apr 21
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+1 for me to on this one @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
3 likes • Apr 8
@Jenna Ostrye I do exactly the same now, but a voice note is just so much quicker, on WhatsApp, Slack or Messenger I can send dozens within just a matter of time.
WIN: Booking 1700+ calls in 2023 (my lessons) 🔔
Hi Everyone, Thought I'd make this short post about how we booked about 1700 calls using Skool, and Sam's strategies and what we've learned from it. Lots of things have happened since joining the program and hope this might be of value. Let's go to even more calls! - Stefan
New comment Nov '23
WIN: Booking 1700+ calls in 2023 (my lessons) 🔔
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@Bob Beckett Great question! So I have a different structure with my sales reps, since I like to have A-players active, and not just have them do sales calls. So my structure is that they get a fixed fee + percentage of profit made (usually about 3-5% monthly) for a full work week. In the beginning I did 10% of total revenue per closed deal, but now I only do this. Since my reps also do coaching calls, support, etc.
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@Billy Mitchell Exactly!
Study Mode 🎧
Feature request: The ability to turn on 'Study Mode.' Use case: The ability to block 1) Notifications 2) Skool Chat 3) Red Badges When studying/reading content on Skool. Other ideas: When users are in 'Study Mode' show a status or little icon next to their name so other users can see that 'John' is online, but may not see my message because he's studying. Implementation: Just a simple toggle 'On/Off' Would really enjoy this now that I have my communities on here and not on FB, and sometimes I want to read/watch content from other courses and I'm distracted by the incoming notifications.
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New comment Oct '23
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@Sam Ovens Thanks!
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@Quinn Nolan Same for me. Every time it's 40/50+ DM's, massive distraction.
Insane YouTube growth recently (win) 🏆
Hey Skool community, hope all is well! Just wanted to share some recent results I've been getting with my YouTube channel, Skool group and our growth to multiple six figures per month. Thought it might be interesting to tell a bit more about our strategy and how you could make use of it as well: Hope this gives some insights and let's grow! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message. Wish you an amazing day! - Stefan
New comment Oct '23
Insane YouTube growth recently (win) 🏆
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Ofcourse! Now just a case of getting the engagement up, but working on that. :)
Name, Email & Number from Free Skool group to CRM
I'm driving traffic to my Free Skool Group and asking for Name, Email & Phone number there, I'd like to set up an automation to automatically send that info to my CRM once someone completes the questions and requests to join.. does anyone know how to do that and could help? TIA
New comment Oct '23
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe How does this work with phone numbers? If we do a text box, then it won't be accurate, since most people might fill it out wrong. Curious to know.
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