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Joseph Survives
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Oscar Peres
Sweden, Linköping
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Bio: Sales, web design
Marwa Sirat
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Bio: Body achieves what mind believes
Mahsun Avci
Copenhagen, Denmark • ENTJ
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Bio: 👉🏼
Jasper Brunsveld
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Bio: OWU Marketing
Muhammad Maderasa
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Bio: just want to start social media advertising agency.
Azer Gunes
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Bio: I am 37 years old, live in the Hague in the Netherlands and have been interested in A.I. for almost 10 years now.
Martijn Mauritz
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Bio: Compare yourself with others for the possibilities. Compare yourself with yourself for progress
Hazy Khan
United States
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Bio: I'm Hamza Seasoned Digital Marketer With 3+ Years Of Experience. I'm Also Founder Of LH-Media Growth-Media Teach Expert
David Tan
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Bio: Remote Salesrep / High Ticket Closer 1.2M+ in sales in the coaching-, consulting-, agency-, saas & fintech industry
Kgeto Rasane
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Bio: I'm a 20-year-old agency owner specializing in writing copy that sells. Love my automobiles I'm a proud South African
Thor Bitsch
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Bio: Thor Bitsch
Kay Ayinkamiye
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Bio: Online Marketing Agencie
Fahd Labib
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Bio: I’m Fahd from the Netherlands and starting my own digital service company
Leo Blomberg
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Bio: LGflow. Agency owner
Owen Moore
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Bio: -Honduran -Writing -Hybrid Calisthenics
Teun Wientjens
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Bio: Building a strategic video marketing agency.
Daniel Luke
United Kingdom
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Bio: @iamdanluke
Paul van Sprundel
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Bio: -
Marc van Rijswijk
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Bio: My name is Marc van Rijswijk, owner of Blueprint Marketing. I myself now have 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the online marketing.
Micah Stekelenburg
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Bio: Currently building an agency in the Netherlands with my partner.
Jens Hobroh
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Bio: Civil Engineer with a passion for AI.
Emilian Zidariu
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Bio: Full time driver for Free Now Just starting out to put the base for a marketing agency. Interested in different forms of advertisement
Ali Hamadi
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Bio: just trynna be my best
Emin Erkalem
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Bio: Founder of Erkalem Marketing.
Krunal Shah
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Bio: Digital marketer
Liam Moran
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Bio: Talk to me about Automation, Agency Scaling, Cold Emails, AI, Consulting or Customer Research.
Eitan Portugheiz
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Bio: 34 yo from Israel agency owner
Shashank Sirigiri
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Bio: Doctor, Copwriting/marketing. soon to be agency owner
Ahnaf Haque
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Bio: business enthusiast
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