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Shop Management Alliance Annual Conference
LIVE EVENT APRIL 19-21 IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA The vast majority of small business owners have very little freedom. Most have very little free time, but they will justify their decisions because they feel like they're in control of it. Think about the great entrepreneurs throughout history. All of them were able to create an impact on the world through their business because they were able to build systems, processes, and routines around what they did well. We want you to be able to do the same thing! I’ve been asked to speak at an event next month and I’m pretty excited about it because I think that it can help you take the next steps toward breaking out of this cycle. This is the point where you finally reach escape velocity and break out of the rat race of working in the business to working on the business. REACH YOUR SHOP GOALS IN 2023! The Shop Management Alliance Annual Conference is an inspirational three day event in Orlando, FL that will help you get supercharged to exceed your shop goals in 2023. Here’s a quick sample of what you will take away from the event: Learn The Technician Find Mindset And 8-Step Proven Process for Finding & Keeping Good Technicians * Generate solid resumes on demand. * Keep your shop fully staffed, efficient and profitable. * Leverage social media to find techs who aren’t looking for work. A Simple Life Calibration Tool for Overextended Shop Owners To Help Them Gain More Fulfillment, Clarity And Perspective. * Get your life back! * Zoom out and gain more clarity, focus and reignite passion for the individual aspects of your life. * Build a personal roadmap for an outstanding life. Ramp Up Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence * Enhance communication among your team members and customers. * Build more efficient operations with less drama and better customer satisfaction. * Improve morale and get more productivity out of your team. Build A High-Performance Self-Managing Team * Step away from the day-to-day operation of your shop without guilt or fear.
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@Chris Lawson Can’t wait to be with this amazing group! So excited for the collaboration. Let’s bring it to the next level.
Skills Survey
Good morning! I wanted to see if anyone would mind sharing their skills survey that they use for technicians. The current skills survey I am using is severely outdated and doesn't do a great job of showing what level the technician is at. Thanks in advance!!
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@Fletcher Rhoads Here is our most recent skills list. Please feel free to reach out when you have time and I will share with you how we use it. I also have a few other ways/tools we evaluate employees & potential hires as well. Cell # 973-479-2200
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