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Our presentation on How To Find A-Players For Your Shop On Demand: Without Spending Thousands On Indeed And Waiting Months For The Right Candidates To Apply is about to begin. Click the link to join!



We are so excited to have you join us for our free training, How To Find A-Players For Your Shop On Demand: Without Spending Thousands On Indeed And Waiting Months For The Right Candidates To Apply, coming Thursday, May 4th at 10am PT. The passive + active recruiting blueprint we will walk you through is simple, proven, and proactive, when it comes to taking the pain out of sourcing high-quality employees for your shop and keeping your business fully staffed. And let's be honest....we need simple and proven, right? A few important things you need to know before the training: 1. You can access the event through our event calendar. Or use this link to join. 2. You will want to plan on at least an hour and a half (90 minutes) for this presentation. 3. During the training we will be sharing lots of tools and strategies including the Ultimate Technician Ad Checklist, but you can get a jump on it by downloading your own checklist here. 4. Make a solid plan now to attend the training: clear your schedule so you can attend uninterrupted. Make sure you are in a place with a good wifi connection. Grab some snacks and your favorite drink. Make sure you have a good notebook for those "ah-ha" moments. 5. There will be a replay offered if you have to miss the live presentation. We will send the replay link out right after Chris finishes teaching. It will be available for 7 days. 6. Check your time zone. Chris will be broadcasting at 10am from US Pacific Time on Thursday. Click Here for a time zone converter. If you have additional questions, please leave a comment below.



Having an amazing time in Orlando with this outstanding group of shop owners and their staff: @Shawn Gilfillan @Eddie Lawrence Steve Hixson @Robert Monson Evan Lang @Brandon Anderson Brian Nerger Greg Sardinha Tomorrow I'll be talking about Profit First for Shop Owners馃憡



LIVE EVENT APRIL 19-21 IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA The vast majority of small business owners have very little freedom. Most have very little free time, but they will justify their decisions because they feel like they're in control of it. Think about the great entrepreneurs throughout history. All of them were able to create an impact on the world through their business because they were able to build systems, processes, and routines around what they did well. We want you to be able to do the same thing! I鈥檝e been asked to speak at an event next month and I鈥檓 pretty excited about it because I think that it can help you take the next steps toward breaking out of this cycle. This is the point where you finally reach escape velocity and break out of the rat race of working聽in聽the business to working聽on聽the business. REACH YOUR SHOP GOALS IN 2023! The聽Shop Management Alliance Annual Conference聽is an inspirational three day event in Orlando, FL that will help you get supercharged to exceed your shop goals in 2023. Here鈥檚 a quick sample of what you will take away from the event: Learn The Technician Find Mindset And 8-Step Proven Process for Finding & Keeping Good Technicians *聽Generate solid resumes on demand. *聽Keep your shop fully staffed, efficient and profitable. *聽Leverage social media to find techs who aren鈥檛 looking for work. A Simple Life Calibration Tool for Overextended Shop Owners To Help Them Gain More Fulfillment, Clarity And Perspective. *聽Get your life back! *聽Zoom out and gain more clarity, focus and reignite passion for the individual aspects of your life. *聽Build a personal roadmap for an outstanding life. Ramp Up Your Team鈥檚 Emotional Intelligence *聽Enhance communication among your team members and customers. *聽Build more efficient operations with less drama and better customer satisfaction. *聽Improve morale and get more productivity out of your team. Build A High-Performance Self-Managing Team *聽Step away from the day-to-day operation of your shop without guilt or fear.



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