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Taking Appointment Deposits from Client's Patients
Hey @Haplin Milgrom-Hills is there any training on "Taking deposits" for appointments for my clients, I'm in the medical niche and would love it if there was some sort of training on how to take deposits via text and/or over the phone because that is my current and only bottleneck I would say in my delivery. If I can figure this out I will be smooth sailing!
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@Haplin Milgrom-Hills Beautiful, I really appreciate it Haplin. Regarding the first option when mentioning "collect your refundable deposit" in the sms verbiage, do you think it would make a difference if i just stop it at "get a little bit more info" and then my client just tells them about the deposit over the call? I feel like that could possibly result in a better outcome when they feel like it's the actual clinic or owner telling them about needing a deposit over the phone vs. over text? Not sure if that would make a difference in phone call show up
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I have started a new account Using the affiliate link as I terminated my old account on GHL earlier this year. I've send the email around 1 week ago but still haven't received a response
Taking Patient Deposits for Clients
Hey Guys, haven't been active on here for a while but it's good to be back! I wanted to ask if anyone has proven tips on how to get appointment deposits from my clients patients either over the phone or over text when booking them in. Is there any training or snapshots for this?
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Done! Can't wait for it to be out!
Mark got a 4.5% appt rate for his client in Chiro!
Check it out:
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Amazing work!
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