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📈 The #1 Hack For YouTube Growth, Views and Subscriptions
YouTube has become my favorite platform because it seems to provide the best business results. TikTok is #2. Having a growing YouTube channels gives you a lot of credibility in the marketplace. The other reason I like YouTube is that it's pretty predictable. I can get a sense of when a video will do well or not, and it comes down to this ONE thing. I made a good video. But what does good really mean? For me at least, It means I'm giving my best stuff away. You know that stuff you're holding back for once they buy your program? that's the video you need to make for YouTube. When I throw something together last minute without thinking, just to meet my weekly commitment/goal. The video suffers. Or even if I give good information but it's fairly generic or easily found on another channel, the video suffers. I meet Youtube that scratch their head on why they aren't growing, but when you look at the videos it's quite clear. It's pretty generic advice, nothing special. And we all start there so it's fine, but getting clear on how you're really different from everyone else will really help your channel. When I spend 2-3 hours planning and a couple hours recording. I can make my videos perform like this out of the gate (see screenshot). I've also noticed the 30minute+ videos do really well. A view on YouTube is very powerful, it comes with more credibility because it's hard to get, and YouTube will keep pushing that video for a long time. Most other platforms you get a little bump for a day then your post dies. I've also found that the Thumbnails are a really important part of the video (I know people say that but take it very seriously). You need to convey the value of the video or curiosity very quickly so that people click on it. Sometimes only YOU will be able to come up with that concept because it requires knowledge of what you know and of your audience. Don't just pass of the thumbnail to a graphic artist and assume because it "looks good" that it will go well. I'm no designer but I can often out perform their thumbnails.
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📈 The #1 Hack For YouTube Growth, Views and Subscriptions
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@Stephen G. Pope - How do you differentiate between what to create and publish to give value on Youtube to get views and engagement vs. what to put in your Skool groups?
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