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"Membership Launch" Promotional Plan
I just submitted a full course lesson about the "Membership Launch" Promotional Plan that I teach! You can access the Course Lesson HERE in the Classroom! The goal of the promotional plan that we are going to go through is to grow a Waitlist of interested people - so we can launch the first group of founding members, and then continuously promote the membership and keep adding more members into our program. This is the launch plan that we are going to go through 1. Building a Waitlist - Who is interested in the membership? 2. Launching a beta founding group: 3. After this initial launch, you will continue to ongoingly promote your membership via membership promotional topics 4. Set up Automated E-mail sequences in place! (Turn both previous Sequences into Evergreen ones!)
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"Membership Launch" Promotional Plan
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great ... your guidance and wisdom is so much appreciated.. thank you. I feel very blessed to be working one to one with you. I cant imagine having to set everything up without your know how
GoHighLevel SNAPSHOT to grow your Skool Membership Progam
I share with you an overview of my HighLevel ‘CRM, E-mail marketing + Automations’ SNAPSHOT, … I already pre-created a Template that you could just import into your HighLevel account… HighLevel is like other E-mail marketing softwares (Mailchimp, Activecampaign, Kartra, Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Systeme, etc…), but it also has CRM capabilities. It allows you to manage your contacts (leads, waitlist, existing members, customers, etc…), you can tag your contacts, manage your sales pipeline, E-mail each individual person, or E-mail the whole list! It also allows you to have Opt-in pages to build your E-mail list … You can create lots of automations, … for example, if someone was just a regular lead, but they opt-in for a Waitlist for your new membership, they will start receiving E-mails that will automatically sell them your membership. After they pay and join your membership program, the software will automatically tag them “PAID MEMBER”, and it will stop sending them promotional E-mails. I have created a SNAPSHOT of all automations, and I am giving it away whoever I work with… I am looking for more people to work together on “results basis”, I am looking for more awesome case studies who we will together launch your membership programs and put all these automations in place! The model that I follow right now allows us to have bunch of members paying us monthly subscriptions (for recurring income) + on top you can also work with 1-1 coaching clients (sell high ticket packages) … The software that I am showing you here allows us to do both, … sell people into our membership programs + get on calls and enroll high ticket clients, … If you are interested in in launching a membership program, and become an awesome case study of mine, make sure to MESSAGE me! Learn more HERE I only have a limited space available for these “results basis” collaborations, so message me right now!
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GoHighLevel SNAPSHOT to grow your Skool Membership Progam
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Amazing.. you make everything so much easier .. thank you
I will put this automated E-mail marketing system in place for you, message me if interested
I discovered how important E-mail list building is to be able to get new paid members out of it And how important it is to manage all the E-mail contacts correctly via tagging, and how to create automations For example, if someone joins your E-mail list, you can automate things an E-mail sequence can be sent out to them that “sells them your membership” … I tried many E-mail softwares that can do these similar things, but now I started using GoHighLevel that allows me to have all of these things in 1 place I can create Opt-in pages to build an E-mail list, manage my contacts, I can e-mail each person individually, or all at the same time, I can chat with the via IG or FB that are connected to the app, and I can do all sorts of automations with it, and so many more things with this app I created a “Snapshot” of my GoHighLevel template that can be imported also into your account, … my snapshot has the optin pages, email sequences and automations already pre-created, and we can import them into your account as well I am looking for another person to work with to use my Snapshot, and we work together on either launching or growing your membership, and automating all the behind the scenes things You can also check this video of mine where I explain the full picture a little more, somewhere in the middle of the video I talk about GoHighLevel as well This is the model that I follow and that’s how I am automating it all for semi-passive growth If you would be interested in working together on this, I am looking for another test client who I am going to set up this system for, Message me and we can talk about the plan
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If you get a chance to work with Primoz… grab it! He is amazing!
Post this POLL on your social media (FB or IG, or Skool) to get engagement
Create a POLL and ask: Which of these 3 topics are you interested in the most? - Topic 1 - Topic 2 - Topic 3 Allow people to vote, and then you can reach out to them and chat with them further: "Hey, I saw you voted to my Poll that you would be the most interested in the TOPIC 1. Why do you say so? What is that you are working on right now in regards to achieving [the outcome]?" --- This is an idea for you to create a content piece on your social media, so you can get people to engage with your post. Posting content pieces like this provides other people with an opportunity to engage. This engagement then drives conversations, chats, and via those you can manually guide people to joining your membership. Try this idea right now, and tell me if you had any engagement on your Poll.
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great idea.. thank you x
Skool Membership Launch Plan Discussed
In this live session I speak with Scarlett, who is a breathwork coach, and we discuss the membership launch plan. Three stages to go through: - Setting up Skool + the technical E-mail marketing system - Building a Waitlist of interested people - Opening the doors to her membership founding group Through the next few weeks we are going to work together on launching her membership She connected 20-30 other life coaches, teachers who are going to be teaching in her membership program. In her membership ($54 a month) they are going to be running daily and weekly sessions, they will be doing monthly 5-day challenges. She will be able to leverage all of the teachers’ audiences to build a larger waitlist, these teachers will be first of all paid to teach in the membership, secondly, they will be able to get additional 1-1 coaching clients out of the membership community. Side note: She also said that she has another 5 spots open to accept a few more teachers! So, if you are a life coach, healer, spiritual guide, and would like to participate with her in this project, you can contact her and apply by messaging her on IG @9dtransformationalbreathwork Overall, in the video session we discuss how her launch plan is going to look like, how to build a Waitlist of interested people (out of her own, and other teachers’ social media and E-mail lists), and then open the doors to the membership and start accepting people in! I will be helping in this project with coaching advice and the technical stuff (Waitlist pages, E-mail marketing, tagging, welcome E-mails, E-mail sequences, automations, etc…) P.S. - I am looking to work on more case studies like this one, if you are interested in launching your own membership to have a recurring monthly income, and put a system in place to be able to accept more members ongoingly, passively, Message me to discuss the plan, I could work with you on results basis
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Skool Membership Launch Plan Discussed
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Thank you amazing to have this session. getting lots of clarity and also so much help and direction from you Primoz. Thanks a lot xx. I appreciate these one-to-ones big time
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