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We need voice notes on Skool asap so I can tawk with @Joe DeFilippo and @Eric Ardito when I need a cawfee. Who's with me?
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Cawfee. Yes. Urgent!
Got my Discovery Rank Under 1000!
Stoked for this.. And its all thanks to GIF...
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Got my Discovery Rank Under 1000!
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@Ron Carter yes although it is very entertaining!
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@Ron Carter
Divine Timing 💫
How to trust that your success for your Skool group is coming.. One thing I talk about a lot on my group calls with my coaching clients is the importance of trusting your own path and timing. It's so easy to feel pressure or "behind" when you consume so much online, but ultimately there will always be someone further ahead than you, and others behind you. This comparisonitius will sabotage your success if you allow it. Or you can choose to allow the success of others to be evidence of what is possible... When it is your time. Examples... 💫 I've paused lots of projects this year after a serious family health scare. I chose to prioritise being present with my family as in recent years I'd experienced a lot of regret from losing loved ones who I didn't get to say goodbye to. I can make more money anytime. But time with loved ones can be taken away permanently in a heartbeat. 💡This week I launched an idea (my 3rd and defo not last Skool group 🤪) that had been in planning for 6 months. I don't feel regret for it taking ages. The timing is perfectly divine. (I am grateful to have had all these extra months to build relationships with people who became friends and are now my first members.) 💫 @Sally How shared on our interview in here about her delays in starting her Skool group which again when it DID open the timing was perfectly divine and is now Skools owns joyful sanctuary. 💫 and more examples I'll be able to share soon 🙌 So... If you've been giving yourself a hard time for not being "fast" enough in getting to where you want to be... Or "successful" enough yet. This is your invitation to take a breath and lean into immense trust and gratitude that you are exactly where you are meant to me right now. The universe has your back and serendipity is always at play! I believe in you 🙌 Jade xx PS - feel free to add your own examples below that might help others
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Divine Timing  💫
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@Bryan Diggle thank you. It’s about having the positive mindset and being there to support each other. That’s such a valuable part. It’s a great team! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Feels good to be there for each other! 🙏
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@Bryan Diggle thanks DIGGLE!
Celebs joining!! 😻
New $99 price point is obviously working!! Meow
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Celebs joining!! 😻
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@Dave Heraud
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@Gazit Chaya - Z Nkosi they - them
Triple Win For Me!
1. Pinned Post of.. 2. My podcast with the Amazing @Matthew Thompson (he's so fricken talented and awesome) 3. I animated these cats 🐈 ğŸ˜Ž I know I know it's not about you at all. There's nothing of value for you. BUT... I just wanna say, this is what it looks like to keep pushing forward in life, especially when you don't see the rewards right away. Things like this happen! My message: Just keep at it! Don't give up that Sh!t. Keep Skoolin'! meow!
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Triple Win For Me!
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@Sam Ovens @Jeffrey Buoncristiano
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@Jeffrey Buoncristiano
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