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For Creatives seeking a more balanced Joy filled life with focus, productivity & delight. Making the world a better place. Creatives Rule!


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Skool is more amazing than you even realize. We did this with no: - Paid Ads - Social Media Blasts - Raspberry Lemonade All 14 days after launching. Here's how we did THAT. - Competitions to win our software for FREE for 1 year ($3,300 Value) - Cash Competitions - Breakthrough Challenges - 2 Masterminds Per Week - Taco Tuesdays (@Jeffrey Buoncristiano's idea) - And this week we also rollout weekly affirmation sessions + recordings SO. If youre considering BOOSTING THEM NUMBERS Get crazy I MEAN CRAZY and SKOOL LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SKOOLED BEFORE. and you can get it exclusively with a bit of hard work.
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@Goose Dunlavey you’ve got me in a spin with that one!
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@Goose Dunlavey stop it you’re making me so dizzy!!!
Who else is bored and scrolling Skool community at 11:11 Sat night?
just curious . . I feel like there's more engagement here than at 8 PM . . I was writing copy this afternoon, and I needed some energy - so I brewed a pot of coffee . . well, I drink a TON of coffee in the morning, but rarely at night so here I am . . . watching a rare replay from an Aussie marketer who holds her trainings at 2 AM my time and doesn't release replays . . so it's a rare treat on Sat night . . plus of glass of red :-)
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@Cheryl Pearl lol think I’ve seen you here before!
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@Cheryl Pearl
Riffing on Starting Skool Groups 📚 (& the resistance dilemma!)
@Sally How and I just did an impromptu riff on starting Skool groups - the resistance and fears and also how it feels when it all comes together! Sharing here for those of you who might be close to opening yours but just need a little bit of encouragement! 🏃 *For anyone wanting to see the post that got Sally to open her group it was this 🤓 >>>
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@Jade Jemma yes me too. We always have so many laughs too!
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@Jade Jemma no such thing! 🤣😂🤣
Auto DM not sending
Hey Skool fam, so I've noticed the auto DM doesn't always send and I think I may have figured out why. It looks like if there has a DM conversation prior to them requesting it doesn't send. Can anyone please confirm if they have this to? Thanks 😊
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Yes I’ve noticed this too @Jade Jemma
Design Hack When Sending Your Community On Socials!
Over the last few weeks I've created over 200 different designs for the multiple skool communities I am running. I want to share these designs with you all as templates, so comment below "template" and if enough people want it I'll drop a free link for everyone! The hack you want to do is in your about page. 1. When sharing your group, it will pull the first IMAGE (not video) in the caroseoul. 2. This image when sending on social is usually limited to a square format, so you want to design this image with that in mind. I've dropped below how I did this for And I've also linked what it looks like in the dm's as I know a lot of you have started appointment setting your community! Hope this helps when you're sharing your community for more members And again, comment 'template' so I know who's interested!
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Sounds awesome! Template! 🔥
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@Ryan Duncan thanks so much! ✨🙌✨
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