How I’m growing my new Community πŸ’«
I thought I’d document how I’m bringing people into my new free Skool. Joyful Creatives Studio has been open for 5 days now and I have 40 people inside. I hope it may help some of you 😊
I’ve been raising my visibility in a number of different places. On my Facebook profile. In my big Facebook group. I posted on my Instagram account. I changed my Facebook picture profile. I changed my Facebook banner profile. I updated my bios, I created a new Instagram account this morning and got quite a few new followers today. So far 81 followers and 3 posts. 😊 I’m planning some Pinterest pins. I don’t much use LinkedIn but I’m thinking I may start posting on there too.
I’m open to other ideas. How are you bringing people into your communities? πŸ€”
Sally How
How I’m growing my new Community πŸ’«
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