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Did You See All The LIVE 🔴 Replays?
Couldn't make it live with me on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or X? I put all the replays here >
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Im so glad you save these ❤️
Can't Get Customers With Content or Going Live?
After years of failing with content marketing and spending $100k+ on training I discovered the following... Creating content or live-streaming you need to create with one of the 3 stages of the customer journey in mind first. No exception. You must move people through these stages. Below is an example of a content creation/live-streaming schedule 1. Awareness = Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2. Consideration = Tuesday, Thursday 3. Decision = Saturday, Sunday PLEASE ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CREATE content or live-stream which stage you're going to be creating for. Below is a description of the mindset, style, and approach for content at each stage. This isn't a good idea, theory, or hack it's a core principle and must-do. Like wheels on the car need to be present for it to work... Creating with these stages in mind must be present or people won't convert! Period. Remember 9 out of 10 posts or lives you are painting the picture, casting the vision, and providing value with a clear understanding of "because you gave me this value...what can I do now?" Pretend after everything you say they are saying... "And your point is?" "And why should I care?" "And what's in it for me?" "And how long does this take?" I promise if you get your head around this an make sure it's present BEFORE you create any content you'll convert so many more people to your list and into paying customers. People will be like damn I love your content... IT MAKES SENSE!! Here's those stages and styles: 🟥 Awareness Stage - Educational Videos and Posts: Create short, engaging videos or graphical posts that introduce common issues or topics relevant to your audience, aiming to educate without overtly selling. For example, quick tips, myth busters, or "Did You Know?" snippets that relate to your industry. - Ask questions related to your audience's interests and challenges, encouraging interaction and subtly guiding them to recognize their needs. 🟩 Consideration Stage - Comparison Content: Share content that compares different approaches to solving common problems, subtly highlighting the benefits of your solution. Ensure these are visually appealing and easy to understand at a glance.
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@Amanda Smith your incredible and this niche is very necessary in the online space ❤️ your vision is so clear and admirable I love it!!
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Mike this is amazing!! Thank you
26d ago 
Again I say Go Live
This guy, a TikTok SUPERSTAR found my Live today, joined my community and booked a 1:1. Dude has 20 times my following and reach. Unreal 🤯🤯
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I have seen this guy before. Your inspiring!
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@Chuck Ellis home run!
Building a Skool Community? What's your...
What's your biggest challenge right now with growing your Skool community?
New comment Mar 19
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@Mike Gowans my why has to be stronger then my excuses ❤️
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@Mike Gowans my fear would be gone and I will succeed.
Just 3 weeks!!!
I hit my first real milestone 🎉🎉 So much more fun and effective than funnels!!!
New comment 8d ago
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@Chuck Ellis it’s seems to be a cliff I need to jump off of myself
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@Chuck Ellis lives are my cliff
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