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Today's Forgiveness Meditation
Thank you for that lovely meditation,Mary. Thank you for saying forgiveness comes from the heart rather than from the mind. Years ago my older sister would tell me our oldest sister has narcissistic tendancies but I wasn't seeing it until I did. The word narcissist sunk in and then I saw my oldest sister as that.Two years ago I wrote down a forgiveness meditation that I wound up saying for my oldest sister. I set the intention that it would come from the heart. I would say it maybe twice a day for a week. Coming from the heart worked and I didn't see her as a narcissist. Through this course I am beginning to see it was my own and my older sister's projections that created our perception of our oldest sister. Thank you!!
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wonder if you could share that meditation Maria.. or Mary thanks ..
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@Mary Proce Thank you mary i shared it to facebook page i hope that was okay.. want to relisten sometime...
i have been on lessons 10-13 and notice i make meaning of tv shows.. the illusion in the illusion.. i almost quit watching Beef it was getting so upsetting to me.. A meaningless world engenders fear.. My husband and i almost quit watching to watch another korean series it was so stressful.. .. I am upset because i see a meaningless world and an illusion.. its really a good show.. . my opinion i think it has a good message.. forgive!
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Journaling with Lesson 11
The thinking mind only holds meaningless thoughts. As these thoughts are projected outward into the world you think you see, the visual world becomes a reflection of these thoughts. We have discussed before how these meanderings are centered on every perception that Source cannot ultimately be – either in form or content. The beliefs in blame, shame, guilt and lack, loss or limitation are the general themes of these thoughts. Today, as you practice the lesson, utilizing time to look about you, notice how each of these objects contain similar subjects as noted. No object or body lasts forever nor is in perfect form. Everything has a condition or story attached. Every condition has a deeper threat, risk or cause for fear, protection or defense. Even the so called insignificant has its conditions. For example, maybe you are looking around your bedroom upon first waking in the morning. Do not the items all about you have their conditions or needs? The furniture needs to be dusted. The floor cannot be allowed to be scratched. Certain cleaning supplies must be used within a certain frequency. Furthermore, who holds the responsibility to do these tasks? When the tasks are overlooked or unshared amongst those people in the household, what judgments then arise? Do not emotions such as resentment and frustration come through these meanings implied? And so on... oh, how much discontent can arise within from ‘just a piece of furniture.’ The next thing you know, you see a world of burden, stress, frustration, disagreement and disappointment. Add any other object to this mass of meaningless perceptions and not but all hell will break loose! Ah, how so quickly life’s experiences can go to hell by simply looking upon a hand basket! (Smile) Today we once again call attention to the valueless ways the thinking mind judges and perceives. Here, by then choosing to look, wait and judge not, we can more clearly see the meaninglessness of these presumptions. We are then taking a simple gap to no longer project the story with an automated mindset (as may have been done prior to this lesson’s teaching). See the furniture and instead of instantly asking who dusted that last and if not, why not, we see simply a piece of furniture. Back into neutrality. Back into clearly seeing beyond the thinking mind. Here, we simply look and instead of seeing the story, we see both the meaninglessness of the story and the meaning-giver.
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you should write a book.. this is goood i just gave it meaning oh well
amazing afterlife of animals
KAthie Raap hope you see this post or someone tells you about this book.. i just ordered it and have not read it but got 80% likes on amazon.. so i think it will be great.. Amazing Afterlife of animals.. suppose to help with grief Also i am pretty sure you saw the video on the animal communicator .. The one about diablo.. i love that one.. love to all...
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Alan Cohen first 1minute miracle
He is great in simplifying the large concepts . The law of Correspondence in a nutshell . We project ourselves onto our blank screen . We need but recognize we are perfect no need to arrive for it , can’t become perfect . You are perfect . If only , I will remember this when my ego stated stubbornly otherwise .
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Also liked the fact we project our own divinity onto Jesus.. i had thought we only project negative things..
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