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Understanding and Faith
There is an Ever-Present Love Known to exist deep beyond you. Seeking for and revealing this Love seems to be goal of all spiritual practice. But what if I told you that this Love goes nowhere and needs nothing from you? This statement may make sense to the advanced student. This student has come to recognize their ultimate changeless Nature and how the so-called spiritual practice is only about reacquainting oneself with Love beyond form and time’s perceived distance. However, to the average earth-goer, who still believes in the value of the world around them, this Ever-Present Love appears to hide. “Where do I need to go to find Love?” is the question of the thinking mind. For Me, to respond to a heartfelt inquiry, “nowhere” presents elusive and frustrating. But yet, in Truth there is nowhere to go and nothing needed to do in order to Know Love. The space between this Knowledge and your personal awareness presents as vast and confusing. If I take the value of the world from you, are you then left with emptiness? Surely, to be left with a perceived void of identity, is not My intention. I am not here to psychologically wound you. The Lessons are about recognizing where false evidence appears real and how the world’s witnesses are accepted as valued, despite their ability to make only despondency. The majority of humanity has yet to realize this unfruitful pathway. The thinking mind wants to continue to seek even when you begin to realize that the seeking is not working. “What then do I have for myself?” you ask. Everything, My Beloved. You HAVE Everything! You ARE Everything. [Pam asks] “How can I have everything if objects, people and circumstances are nothing but models of separation? It is this separation that I see.” Do not measure yourself by such limited means. You have everything because you have the ability to not allow limitations to define you. Here, the Entirety of Creation reveals its Self once more, because you no longer are seeing through eyes that choose to define or separate.
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@Fanou Genson Mind is the part of You that 'looks.' Awareness is the View that is Seen. Consciousness is the 'window.'
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@Fanou Genson beautiful example. I find it helpful to get into observational mind when these situations arise. It's okay to 'play the game.'
Lesson 47: God is the strength in which I trust.
🌈 Hello, dears! It's been a few days... It feels like a long time to me. While I needed a break to leverage the pressure of all the things I do besides these lessons and felt a sense of release by doing less, my resistance to the lessons also revealed a lack of purpose that was haunting me when I didn't work with the lessons. I'm not going to lie and display an artificial cheerful face to you, even if it's a virtual one. The truth is that at this stage, I'm feeling a bit lost. The world holds very little appeal to me. I feel empty. I guess it's a good sign even if it doesn't yet feel very good 🙂 The next step would be to see love in everything or call for love, but I can't hast the healing of my mind and I'm not quite there yet. Like it usually does, this lesson feels perfect! 💡 This lesson is about all the things we invest our trust in to give ourselves a sense of strength. Our ego uses many props to fake this sense of strength. It constantly attempts to inflate itself through self-importance, special relationships, glorification of our body, of someone else's body, a social position, professional accomplishment, material possession, and whatnot. Let's see what Jesus says about our ego's strategy. 🧩 OUCH! °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 📘 "If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful." (ACIM, W-47.1:1) 💡 Ouch! Yep... We have every reason to be worried if our strength comes from the ego thought system because its purpose is to keep us locked in guilt and fear. So it only presents us with carrots held by a string to a stick to keep us moving but never reaching. We always hope that "something" or "someone" will give us what we are so yearning for. Sometimes we get it, but the moment of temporary relief is soon replaced by more emptiness. Nothing feels steady, sure and permanent in this world. 📘 "What can you predict or control? What is there in you that can be counted on?" (ACIM, W-47.1:3)
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Lesson 47: God is the strength in which I trust.
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Such a helpful interpretation and witnessing to Truth! Thank you!! I get you! Felt the same way that my brain needed a break from posting. When doing the lessons becomes 'work' it's important to take an extra look at our thinking. Do we have to get the lessons in 1 single year? No. Is there a penalty box if we don't? No. In fact the content itself is so challenging to our own thinking that only one year would be quite literally miraculous! The Course is meant to be a gentle healing, not a marathon.
Journaling with Lesson 50
To be sustained is to be ‘held up’ and supported. Here is the Authorship of Your Holiness enveloping You, unyielding. Source holds you up as a respite to your nightmares. We have spoken many times about God’s unfailing, changeless Nature. Nonetheless, body-time-self believes it is alone and unloved. Today we reclaim the Truth, that has never left You. What does such a statement actually mean to a mind that does not understand Certainty? To the thinking mind seeing not but vulnerability and loss? Such a concept requires you to literally step out of every idea or evidence you think you know in the conditional world in order to See again. Yet before one can ‘step out’ let’s take a moment to look at what we are releasing and then mindfully moving towards. Let’s be direct. You, as body-time-self, cannot begin to thoroughly understand the entirety of the Beingness in which I speak. This is okay. The ideas are not but averse to every identification that you think you know about yourself and the world that you believe sustains you. The confusion is so deep that Truth appears more threatening than illusion. Since birth you are taught many concepts and rarely is there teaching shared about God Sustaining You without contrary condition. In the teachings from the conditional world, God is worshipped, feared, and wholly misunderstood. You are told the he ‘loves you’ but also judges you for every action and reaction in a world that is not but cruel and unyielding in its threats, both minor and major. You can’t get out of this world ‘alive’ so to speak, less you discover just the right way to appease and not fall short of his warped and tangential favor. From these lessons, authored and embraced by the conditional world, blame, shame and guilt take root, seeding from every mistaken aspect of humanity’s ‘god.’ This understanding is not one of Love and surely is not One with Your Source. Yet, in the same moment, a distant memory persists. A craving for another way echoes through the mind, like an ancient melody. Some call this the yearning for spirit or truth. The thinking mind tells you it wants silence and peace. Yet, once given the opportunity for such experiences, the thinking mind balks in resistance. Contrary is its way, you know. The loudest resistance comes from within, during some of the quietest moments.
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Journaling with Lesson 49
What is God’s Voice? Source’s Voice is the Pure Knowledge of You as Extension, as Creation. God’s Voice is more than words, in fact words themselves as symbols or enunciation that ‘speaks’ is actually a very limiting representation. God’s Voice is the stillness of Certainty. God’s Voice is Awareness of Truth. God’s Voice ‘speaks’ through a multifactorial nature, beyond words or sounds, but uplifting feeling of Radiant JOY. God’s Voice is felt in ‘every single cell’ of Your Beingness. Hearing God’s Voice is an active listening to the Witnessing of Truth. God’s Voice speaks to you all through the day simply because Source does not, has not abandoned You. God is in Constant Awareness of Creation. Source is in Certain Realization of All That Is Extended and so is in impermeable connection with You. God’s Voice testifies to Your Truth. The willingness to hear God’s Voice is the choice to ‘tap in’ to the Reality of Self and All Creation. I have spoken before about the ‘ancient forgotten song.’ This comparison is a metaphorical representation of The Call, which I have shared before as a representation of Source reaching out to the Whole of Creation. The Awareness of Truth is another way of stating this validation; yet, in essence this is a never-ending Connection between Source and Same-Self-Source. The Call or the Song is like a ‘call and response’ in music. Source expresses or extends and Same-Self-Source answers or affirms. If utilizing Biblical references, God’s Call would be simply “I Am” and Same-Self-Source would respond “That I Am.” One Voice in essence, One Creation in Truth. Today’s practice is an attempt to consciously remember this eternal flow between Source and Same-Self-Source. Today, as you become still, you in your conscious choice are reaching past the clouds, the shadows, the busyness. Here, you are purposefully quieting the mind, beyond the thinking mind, beyond the incessant judgment, cacophony, or narration of the body-time-self experience. Use time today to notice the noise and observe the stillness. Watch the ‘world’ within for where your quietness rests, as if you are walking between the raindrops or hearing the pause between the notes. Then as you become more aware of the ‘in-between’ choose to simply go deeper into this space rather than be distracted or tempted by the other ‘sounds.’
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Journaling with Lesson 48
Simply said, the more you rely on the thinking mind and the conditional world, the more fearful these experiences will seem. Relying on weakness makes one weak. Focus on vulnerability and you relish in perceived threats and defenses. Seeing people, objects and circumstances through the lens of anxiety and need, reinforces these ideologies. Do you want to release yourself from fear? The only Way is not to make the conditional world your home. Yes, as long as body-time-self seems to be here, there will need to be a use of this time for general functionality. However, the ways in which you see, interpret and rely upon what you see remains a choice. A fearful belief is about seeing through that which is impermanent, which is contrary to Source. As the thinking mind judges a conditional world filled only with lack, loss and limitation the cycle of blame, shame and guilt continues. In this mindset is all vulnerability perceived. To step out of this mindset is merely to notice it. Ask yourself what are your goals. What idols do you keep? What necessities are chosen for self-definition? What excites you and depletes you? Where do you seek reward and then feel disappointment? Where do you perceive yourself with the thoughts you think? Can any of these thoughts and situations be reinterpreted? Fear is a choice. Yes, I agree that fear seems like a reaction, coming at you or to you from within the mind. However, once again, if not true for all, not True at all. This is why disciplining for willingness to See again is necessary. Many identities have brought their thinking minds to a state of Being where fear is not felt or shown on the surface. This does not mean that fear does not exist for these people in these circumstances. However, fear is noticed and placed in proper perspective. Then, with further willingness and Trust in Self over fear, a quiet answer is obtained. In a sense this practice is self-forgiveness. Fear is much more than a feeling or behavior. Fear is an assumption that Source Created weakness, impermanence and imperfection – all of which are not True. To see through the eyes of fear is to make the same mad choice, doubting Self-Same-Source and Source repeatedly. Therefore, one self-inquiry that can help right the path is simply breathing and asking, “ Who Am I?” then repeat. Do your best to focus and settle beyond the wandering thinking mind. Choose to See beyond the temptation towards fear.
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