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Flowers! 🌹 ^⁠_⁠^
Dear Starseed, This morning I send you this gift of flowers. Perhaps you are in need of a little lift, a little pick-me-up. Perhaps you have been working hard, perhaps you have been feeling the darkness of the world, perhaps you just need a little sign that you are loved and appreciated. Well this is your sign. The world would not be the same without you. You are unique, your energy is unique, your soul’s journey eg is unique, your perspective is unique, your abilities and talents are unique. This is a sign that your light and contribution are being recognised. Whatever you choose to be or do today I wish you receive many more unexpected and spontaneous gifts of love from the Universe. Love ⭐️🌸🌷💕🌸⭐️🌷🌸💕🌸🌷💕🌸🌷⭐️🌸🌷💕🌷⭐️ (From Steve Nobel)
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What a beautiful and loving pick me up!!🙏😍🤩🌼🌷🌺🏵️ Thank you for sharing it from Steve Nobel! 💖💗
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@Noa Andermatt Adorable gif!😍
Neda Boin Song: It Was Always You
OMG! After Mark's Ascension Circle today I just now saw!! 🤩😍Heartfealt tears!! 🙏
Neda Boin Song: It Was Always You
Free Channeled Healing Session
Ascension Circle with Mark Anthony Lord June 2, 2024 at 12p - 1:30p EST How To Become Free From Negativity We live in a world of undisciplined, sloppy, fearful and negative thoughts, words, and actions. This is why our world is stuck in so much suffering and darkness. This is why it’s vitally important for you to rise up into greater responsibility in using the most powerful, creative tool in all the Universe … your word! Purify negativity, lack, and fear out of your word, and align it with your Spirit’s purpose, which is to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy! THIS IS FREE - Please check it out. Register here:
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I registered late last night. 💖
Music from Affirmative Prayer Week Three
Artist: Margaret Owens The Treatment - God is, I am, I know, I am grateful, I release
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Music from Affirmative Prayer Week Three
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Great! I wondered if there would be a link to that song. Thank you!
Affirmative Prayer Week 3
Transcript of Mark’s “Eleanor and Tanya sample prayer” God is the freedom and love, the eternal love, God is the life and the light that only knows itself as connected, joyous, alive, peaceful, harmonious. These are the qualities and nature of God. As this is true about God … I am the free flow love of God, the joy of God, the unconditioned peace and connection and freedom of God. As this is true for me this is true for Eleanor and what I know for Eleanor is that she right now lives and moves and has her being in the consciousness of forgiveness of letting go. I know this is also true for Tanya. I know that this relationship is anchored in the love of God now and whatever story has been blocking the flow of love, that story is no-thing. I deny its power, I deny its hold, I release this story into the LIE into the nothingness from which it came because the only truth that exists is that Eleanor and Tanya are one in love, in God, this is what is true. I claim deep fulfillment of forgiveness for Eleanor so that her mind is wide open to see Tanya as God created Tanya this is what I say yes to I claim for Eleanor that she is so lifted up into the joy of her own being, of own light that there’s no judgement or story held against herself and in this profound freedom Tanya reflects back to her, her innocence, her grace, her perfection, her God self. This is what I say yes to. I am so grateful to know this for Eleanor to know that she is free and forgiven and that she knows Tanya only as God created Tanya, perfect, whole and complete. I am so grateful for the fulfillment of this prayer. I release it now into the action of the law.
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Affirmative Prayer Week 3
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Thank you!!
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