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Tracking my days with No-Code
I think Sam Ovens the 🐐 mentioned this plenty of times in his videos "You can’t improve what you don’t measure." So I decided to measure "my life" daily as an experiment. For this, I built a journaling automation where I: 1. Speak about my day daily (voice note) 2. Provide an overall rating (1-10) 3. Have AI summarize my entry in bullets 4. Have AI rate my emotional state, productivity & challenge level based on the entry 5. Visualize my entries on a Google sheet. All of this is automated - I just need to speak about my day. (I used Google Sheets, iOS Shortcuts, Make & ChatGPT - all no-code) This data is already fascinating to me. But the best part is that since I store everything in a sheet, I can have it all summarized and visualized on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis too. The automation itself is fairly simple. You can see the setup on the screenshot. I will create a guide on how to set this up on my YT if you are interested. What are you guys measuring outside your business?
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this is pretty cool bro congrats!
Designer ready for higher-value(d) skills
Hi, guys! Glad to have come across this group! My long and arduous journey in design has brought me to no-code and micro SaaS building. Especially since most businesses only see design as a very small if not negligible expense item compared to sales or development and even social media presence. So I'm here to level-up and see where my design practice can become a strategic advantage (and help anyone here) in the 2020's era of commerce when paired with other high-value (or higher-valued) skills.
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I lead a development team and have two designers, in my opinion the designers is the most important role! I mean i can give you the business requirements but having the empathy to design with the end user in mind as you imagine their journey and make it rewarding for them every step of the way to get to the reason why they are even using our product, and keep using it, thats why we are in business. welcome @kyleen
Hey there!
I'm Odelia. Currently based in Canada. My tech background consists of tiny CSS and HTML customizations on my personal website and two weeks of self-taught basic coding (read: I don't know nothin'), but I'd like to learn a LOT more. I'd like to build a full-scale platform to help people understand where they're headed in life, and figure out what they'd need to change. Probably going to be at least a year into the future before it's live, unless I could snag a few amazing people onboard with the vision soon. :) Glad to be here!
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super cool idea Odelia ! welcome!
Hello Everyone !
Roger here! nice to meet every single one of you! I am a developer teacher and student ! I saw a a post from Robert on SaaS and wanted to join the community. I can build SaaS products but missing the rest and thats Why am here! I love chess, the Flow state and intermitting fasting! am all about improving one inch at a time and fighting for that inch every single day! Thank you for having me!
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@Robert Boulos thank you Robert happy to be here!
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Hi there! I'm Roger, a Teacher, Developer, and lifelong learner. I wanna help everyone build the product of their dreams and reach their dream outcome

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