Tracking my days with No-Code
I think Sam Ovens the 馃悙 mentioned this plenty of times in his videos
"You can鈥檛 improve what you don鈥檛 measure."
So I decided to measure "my life" daily as an experiment.
For this, I built a journaling automation where I:
  1. Speak about my day daily (voice note)
  2. Provide an overall rating (1-10)
  3. Have AI summarize my entry in bullets
  4. Have AI rate my emotional state, productivity & challenge level based on the entry
  5. Visualize my entries on a Google sheet.
All of this is automated - I just need to speak about my day.
(I used Google Sheets, iOS Shortcuts, Make & ChatGPT - all no-code)
This data is already fascinating to me. But the best part is that since I store everything in a sheet, I can have it all summarized and visualized on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis too.
The automation itself is fairly simple. You can see the setup on the screenshot.
I will create a guide on how to set this up on my YT if you are interested.
What are you guys measuring outside your business?
Marvin Aziz
Tracking my days with No-Code
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