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5 contributions to UNSTOPPABLE
Live call moved to next week.
Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans. LOL. But you have to keep going anyway. I planned to have the first live call today for this group, but my daughter had different plans and double booked me. But ultimately it is my fault, for not confirming her plans and keeping her updated about mine. Life of a teenage dad. But these are the moments that you can never get back. And it's her gift for her 18th birthday. Her birthday is Saturday, but today is daddy daughter day. This reminds me that sometimes life goes sideways, you make plans, they are change for any number of reasons, you deal with it, make adjustments, keep pushing forward. See you next week. I am off to celebrate with my princess.
New comment Apr 17
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My younger daughter turned 18 in February, my older daughter turns 21 this week. I get it. Maybe one day I’ll grow too!!!🤪
The Mindset of a World Champion
Learn how to tap into the unlimited power of your mind for more discipline, focus, and never quit. What does it take to be a world champion? Find out in these two MUST WATCH videos. video #1 DO THE IMPOSSIBLE - TEDx Las Vegas I share with you what it was like to run almost 3,000 mile across America from California to New York City. As I share the mindset of how to push through the pain and the challenges of the most extreme circumstances. This will inspire you and teach you how to never give up. video #2 Breaking the Record in the World's Toughest Race - TEDX New York City 146 mile race non-stop in the hottest place on the planet - solo! In Death Valley California, I ran from the lowest point to the highest point in the United States. Pushing a cart that weight 270 pounds filled with water, food and supplies. Listen to this gripping story of failure and success, and nearly dying.
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The Mindset of a World Champion
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It just occurred to me that you were doing your run while my business partner Wei Chen was becoming the first Chinese citizen to fly around the world in a single engine plane. He used to always say “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”
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@Croix Sather Ha. Well it should. You said it in your TEDx!!!🤣🤣
@Croix Sather My 86 year-old mother and I were getting our quarterly stem cell IV plus mega- C and some touch up PRP. My rejeuvenation doc will through in any some extras items for whatever is ailing us at the moment. I mentioned Croix to him and he said "know way, man. My son follows him!" He couldn't remember your name though, so he wrote it down. I wouldn't call this my morning routine but would call it part of my main staples to build a healthy process. My mental clarity tonight is 10X of what it was. That still may be lower than some of yours. 🤣 My doc was amazed at your ability to recover from a medical standpoint. We talked about Skool. He couldn't wait to check it out. Maybe we'll get him in the group soon.
New comment Feb 18
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@Croix Sather it’s my first winning race!!! Glad to be #1!!😀
Only 7% succeed! How to be one of them.
I've got good news ... and bad news! The bad news is that few people succeed. At most anything. Weight loss, money, happiness, relationships ... anything. The GOOD NEWS is that it's easier than you think. Way easier. The GOOD NEWS it is easy to have everything you want because so few people have those extraordinary things. Meaning ... it is not crowded in the success circle. Why most people are doomed to fail ... Because they don't fix the most important thing to success. It's not taught in school. Your parents probably didn't teach you. The world makes you feel like it is impossible. Few people ever even consider that the problem is NOT the amount of money in their bank account, what the scale says they weight, what kind of friends you have, where you work, or vacation, or any other metric we use to measure success. The problem is that ... 𝐖𝐄 𝐇𝐀𝐕𝐄 𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐃 𝐓𝐎 𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐋 !! You have been all your life. Since you were a baby, your parents told you "no", "Stop That!" or "that's wrong" 50 times ... to every time they said, "Good job" "Keep going" or "You're amazing." Teaching and the school system are based on finding mistakes and penalizing you for the process of learning. This leads to micro trauma or suffering. Over time this erodes your self-worth and willingness to take risks. Most work places and communities are waiting on the opportunity to catch you doing something wrong to report you HR, tell the boss, or get you kicked out. The world has literally programmed you for failure every step of the way. Sounds depressing. Well. yeah in a way it is ... for those without an unstoppable resilience. BUT ... this is why you have such a great opportunity. Because so FEW people know how to excel and succeed in world determined to tear you down. How do you create an UNSTOPPABLE MIND so that success is inevitable? Program yourself to succeed. THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THE UNSTOPPABLE MORNING 5 DAY CHALLENGE You will re-program your mind for success with a simple morning routine because ...
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@Croix Sather if Rocky can take a punch, I guess we can too!! 🤔
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@Croix Sather ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY!!!!
How To: Unstoppable Morning
How does UNSTOPPABLE MORNING work to make you Unstoppable all day long? Revisit this post until you have mastered your Unstoppable Morning. If you haven't read "Only 7% succeed! How to be one of them" ... Start there! Then come back to this post. UNSTOPPABLE MORNING was developed out of a need to solve my own procrastination, lack of focus and self-discipline to get more done, make more money, get in shape, and live my mission. Like most people, I can be intensely focused - When I want to be. But how can you be focused and productive when you don’t want to be. When it is easier to procrastinate with social media, Netflix series binge watching, YouTube videos, cleaning the house, or some other distraction. This Unstoppable Morning routine has been the reason that I was able to run across America, 100 marathons in 100 days. Broke the world record running through Death Valley, the hottest place on the place, write books, become a leader in self-mastery, sell millions in programs. Plus I travel the world working from my laptop. No joke: This is a game changer for everyone who does it! I studied most every expert, book, article and post to see what the difference is between those who succeed and those who struggle. Why some are rich and why some are always broke. Some books are life changing. Most info out there, especially on social media, is truly 💩. I discovered through my own experimentation, that most ideas sound good, but they will only keep you busy ... but not making forward progress. Busy will never make you rich. But, direction and action will. Busy will never get you to your goals and dreams. But a purpose driven mission will. After years of testing, a run across America, and a world record later, and creating several successful businesses, I developed an optimal routine for a Unstoppable Morning. That means, an Unstoppable Body, an Unstoppable Mind, and Unstoppable Soul. That all means a life filled with inner peace, happiness, health and wealth.
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I wake up, cold shower then exercise 1 hour resistance training sticking to a three minute interval for each set. I've recently inserted a trip to the office before working out because I've been falling behind at the office. It's helping but I need to put a stopwatch to it to shutdown and go workout no matter what I'm in the middle of. I do pick my top three things for the day with one thing. I'm bad about sticking to it. I need to try the other two activities.
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