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KateLin Doyle
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Bio: Residential contractor
David Cruz
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Bio: Commercial Real Estate
Col Devine
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Bio: Im a hard money advocate. Stack silver and sats is my message.
Rob Williams
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Bio: Land Development, Homebuilding, Commercial Construction, Wood Components, Profit Strategies
Daniel Hamilton
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Bio: Hi everyone! I’m Daniel Hamilton. I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur and start-up founder based in Michigan, USA. My email is :)
Akintola David
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Bio: Helping SMEs, Startups, & Entrepreneurs increase profits with Branding & Technology. Brand Strategist, Designer, & Web Developer
Timothé Hébert
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Bio: Entrepreneur in tool development specialized for construction. Let’s play !
Jonathan Cinelli
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Bio: Jonathan Cinelli is Electrician , PMP, ACC Certified Coach who spent decades in the industry leading teams Speaker | Educator | Coach | Media Host
Erika Giuggio
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Bio: 🏠 Helping Construction, Trades, and Contractors Cut Business Expenses: Merchant Services, Telecom, Waste Management, Shipping & More.
Kolbe Raiche
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Bio: An expert in the deck construction business and avid researcher of modular construction as a solution to housing problems.
Johnson Smith
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Bio: Learning simplified
Caleb Roth
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Bio: Love to be outdoors Love the game of business Love the wood care industry
Avis Burling
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Bio: Living the best version of me
Syam Sheela Margret George
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Bio: Aspiring Civil Engineer
Luis Perez
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Heather Davino
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Robert Henrich
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Bio: Entrepreneur in learning...
Edward Antwi
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Bio: Let’s have fun and make the greens together
Bruce Eckfeldt
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Bio: Strategic Coach to CEOs and Leadership Teams Seeking Predictable Growth | Inc 500 Founder & CEO | Inc. Author | Podcast Host | Retreat Facilitator
Borna Bosnjak
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Bio: Eager for intellectual growth and exploration.
Cody Gatlin
Charlotte, NC • INTJ
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Bio: Owner of Cody Gatlin Design, inc., An Architectural Design & Drafting Company.
Melvin Williams
Upstate NY
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Bio: I coach Guitar Players 🎸! I’ll help you to up-level your Guitar Skills🎸 and mindset 🧠 that you can Unleash Your Inner Guitar Hero!😊
Dylan Thomas-metz
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Bio: entrepreneur vancouver island BC
Dopamine Queen
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Bio: Business Biohacker 🚴‍♀️ 15,000 lives impacted 💪 Make your next 100K+ online w/o burnout ⚡️
Luke Gilbert
Kent, UK
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Bio: Hi, I'm passionate about Dads becoming better fathers, lovers, and providers. I also love roasting coffee!
Billie Anne Grigg
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Bio: Lead technical Guide at Profit First Professionals.
Aj Shkambi
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Bio: Construction consultant
Davis Rungevics
UK 🇬🇧
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Bio: Dedicated to inspiring change, I believe in the transformative power of fitness to improve lives, physical and mental well-being.
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Rob Williams
Contractor Scaling Up Construction as a certified Scaling Up coach. Author of Pumpkin Plan for Contractors.

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