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Inspired By Mariah - My 30-Day 1000 Member Target 🎯
New to Skool (but selling online courses since 2016) I launched my initial free Skool at the start of the month. Scouring the Skool community for inspiration, of all the incredible stories I heard, it was @Mariah Coz's "1000 Members in 30 Days on Skool" video walk-through from August which resonated most. Taking similar steps during set up and launch, 22 days after launching and 7 days before the end of the month, we're at 653 members and I've just posted a video in my own community asking for member support. All going well, I'll also be recording my 1000th member on Loom next week! Thanks for the inspiration Mariah 🙏🏼
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Inspired By Mariah - My 30-Day 1000 Member Target  🎯
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I'm a bit slow with the update but I posted this video in my community when we notched up our 1000th member at the end of month-1 - on Jan 31. I did more or less the same as what @Mariah Coz shared when she hit her first 1000 last year. It's worth noting that we decline about 30% of the applications to join our community, when we deem them unsuitable for the very specific corporate niche our community represents. That keeps spam down and quality up. I spent February focused on building my first paid Skool, and in March we opened it and have 40+ paying members which represents our first $5K MRR using Skool. We'll be opening another paid Skool (for a sub-niche of our main niche) on Monday. Our traditional one-off courses, which we've been offering via Teachable since 2016, continue as normal.
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@Marisa Pell - Every month the top 3 on the leaderboard receive 3 books each. One is my own book, another is a book that one of our members wrote, and the third is an academic book from a publishing house that we've been partnered with for several years. We each cover the cost of our books and shipping. We only ran a competition to bring in the most members in month-1. The top 3 won a copy of my book and a $25 Amazon gift voucher.
Sometimes things just click...🧠 (need your input)
Just had one of those moments when a handful of seemingly unrelated things all come together and CLICK it all makes sense and it's going to be awesome!! Love that feeling. I'm working on a free mini-course for everyone in here that is going to change the game. The juices are flowing and I am super excited to share this with you! As I'm creating this free resource... I would love to know: What questions do you have about getting either your 1,000 free group members OR your first $1,000 in recurring revenue from a subscription group on Skool? Tell me in the comments 👇 Which goal is more important to you right now? Tell me in the poll 🏆 Keep an eye out for more details coming soon!
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Hey @Mariah Coz - I watched your "1000 Members in 30 Days" in the Skool community. I loved the way you walked through it all. I'm at 420 quality free members after 18 days of opening and am aiming for 1000 by Day-30. Next week I'll ask my current members to help me reach that goal, in the way you did. So thank you for sharing that!!! I've been selling courses on Teachable since 2016 using Frank Kern style methods, and while I have a list, community is a new ball game for me. When I hit 1000 free members I'll start to offer them a separate $97/mth paid Skool. My question is ..."whats the best way to market that in the context of the Skool model, rather than the typical Deadline Funnel style tactics? And what very specific steps can we best take to optimise those low ticket sales?"
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