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Over 60 Guided EFT Tapping Sessions worth more than 10k- UNLOCKED!
This, by far, is my most requested and valuable resource. The transformation you will find at your fingertips is limitless! Claim your copy and start taking part in this life-changing work by commenting PRIVATE SESSIONS below and by watching this video:
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WEEK TWO of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
Week TWO Coaching on "How to Compassionately Stop Procrastinating" is available HERE! Once you've watched the video, please share the following: 1. What resonated with you from the video? 2. What is something that you have been procrastinating on that you really want to do or accomplish in this season? 3. How do you find yourself procrastinating/What kinds of things do you do/not do when you put things off? 4. What's one thing (something easy and small) that you can commit to doing to get yourself closer to completing this particular thing BEFORE the WEEK THREE training launches next week? 5. Optional: Would you like accountability with this goal? If so, what would best serve you? Can't wait to hear your answers and support you through this! PS. If you know a woman who would benefit from this group and coaching, please send her a link to our group and invite her to join! We are a new a growing community and it's a beautiful time to join! I'm excited to celebrate 100 Members soon!
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During your video, I did realize I have been subconsciously self sabotaging certain things, and upon really thinking about it, I think my body just feels unsafe. Something I want to accomplish is setting up my freelance accounts so that I can get clients (I am a freelance UX Designer - I recently quit my full time job) I usually procrastinate by starting to watch very long series/shows, I keep telling myself Ill start after I finish watching those shows!! Also I have too many great ideas but I often don't work on them because these ideas overwhelm me and feel like a lot of work. I think I can commit to setting up one account each day, and gathering all my projects in one place so that I can start showcasing them sooner.
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@Theresa Lear Levine Thank you for sharing such insightful advice! I appreciate your encouragement and support as I navigate through these new steps. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth, and I'm committed to taking those necessary steps towards alignment.💖
WEEK THREE of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
This week, we’re flipping the switch on scarcity and lack as we explore what happens when we nurture our awareness and it begins to grow! This is literally how I've grown my 6 fig. coaching biz without undue stress or overwhelm! (and, in my past, I've built 6 fig businesses WITH undue stress and overwhelm, too, so I can really appreciate the difference this time around!) ;) We’re getting into some EFT Tapping together this week, too! Watch the Week Three video HERE. After you've watched the Week 3 Video, please share: 1. Where are you letting Scarcity and Lack creep in and Run the Show? 2. Where does the switch need to be flipped in your current narratives so that you can feel more abundant and develop a knowing that what you most desire is available to you? 3. Go over to The Private Sessions resource in the classroom and choose a session to do. There are currently more than 55 to choose from! Tell me the title of the video you watched and tapped along with and what your number was at the beginning and end as well as all of the "AHA" moments you had as you worked through the tapping round (aka. new perspectives, feelings that came up or shifted, differences from beginning to end, etc.). Each video in the private sessions resource gives detailed instructions. Have fun flipping the switch and discovering new things about yourself this week! Can't wait to hear your answers and support you through this! PS. If you know a woman who would benefit from this group and coaching, please send her the link below to invite her to join our group! We are a new a growing community and it's a beautiful time to be part of it! I'm excited to celebrate 100 Members THIS week and I thank you for being my founding members!
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At the start of the video, I was thinking about how I found this community when I was serious about changing my life, like when you want to learn the teacher appears and you said the same thing in the video. This was a crazy coincidence for me!!🤯🤯 I have always been a person whos like lets cross this finish line, and after that there's another finish line, loop after loop, I don't know how to enjoy this moment and slow down!! I often feel guilty about not being productive on slow days. I have been doing eft tapping for relaxing and slowing down. It makes me feel calm and I also affirm a lot that I am not missing out on anything, whatever's meant for me will never pass me. This helps me a lot!
Welcome, new members! ✨💕✨
This quote marks the starting point of Chapter 16 (Tying It All Together) in my book, Becoming More Me, a chapter that shares about the different phases of healing and transformation that align with Becoming More of who you want to be in this world! A heartfelt thank you and the warmest of welcomes to all who are joining us here! I am always grateful for each and every member of this community. ✨💕✨ Whether you're navigating a specific challenge, or simply looking to become more resourced with your ability to care for yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally- you're in the right place to rise, rewire, and regulate together!! 🥰 Tell us…what brought you to the community & how can we best support you? Specific requests for learning, coaching and better understanding things are often honored in our weekly free coaching so please share! Make sure to check this week’s free coaching in the announcements! Last Friday, I posted a self hypnosis tutorial. t’s a great opportunity to jump right in and receive coaching to benefit your nervous system and subconscious mind! Let's go!✨💕✨ @Elizabeth Contes @Amanda Gibbs @Kathy Kubiak @Riddhi Bedmutha @Heather Hosgood @Maxime van de Kooij
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Thankyou so much @Theresa Lear Levine Glad to be here✨
WEEK ONE of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
After you've checked out the video from week one of the BECOMING MORE ME FREE 8-Week COACHING PROGRAM which can be found HERE, I'd love to receive your comments, questions, and takeaways here so we can keep them in one place. I'll do another thread next week for week 2 and so on! :) I'm excited to hear what you learned, what you want to learn and what parallel experiences like the ones I shared you may have had in your own life! Thanks for making this community awesome!
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This is so relatable! I do go through episodes of "I can achieve anything on this whole planet" and then "Maybe I overestimated myself" I am so so glad I found you, really excited to go through this program. I also want to work on surrendering to the flow, which I find difficult. I feel like if I don't work, how is my life supposed to change, and that stops me from surrendering.
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