WEEK TWO of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways

Week TWO Coaching on "How to Compassionately Stop Procrastinating" is available HERE!

Once you've watched the video, please share the following:

  1. What resonated with you from the video?

2. What is something that you have been procrastinating on that you really want to do or accomplish in this season?

3. How do you find yourself procrastinating/What kinds of things do you do/not do when you put things off?

4. What's one thing (something easy and small) that you can commit to doing to get yourself closer to completing this particular thing BEFORE the WEEK THREE training launches next week?

5. Optional: Would you like accountability with this goal? If so, what would best serve you?

Can't wait to hear your answers and support you through this!

PS. If you know a woman who would benefit from this group and coaching, please send her a link to our group and invite her to join! We are a new a growing community and it's a beautiful time to join! I'm excited to celebrate 100 Members soon!



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