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Permission To Be Myself Fully is happening in 6 days
What would you like to call into your life this week...? 🤔😍😃
Submit for FREE Coaching below! Keep reading... With all this looming "new moon in Aries'" eclipse energy looming, and despite Mercury Retrograde, this week is a great time to all some things into your life. To be vulnerable and create a vision...✨💕✨ I'm doing a mini series of posts on Instagram this week about my vision casting process...✨🔮✨you can catch the first post HERE, and you can catch more about the resistance on Episode 146 of Becoming More Me. So...I'd love to offer some VISION Coaching this week.... 1. what's the thing you most want to call into your life right now and how does it feel to "ask" for it? 2. Do you feel like you're resonating with the vision or not so much?...if "not so much", what feels untrue, too hard, or out of alignment. If you it feels resonanant, what do you see as the steps for making it happen this year? I'll create personalized coaching to help you do it for one lucky participant on FRIDAY! But you must submit what you want and the answers to question #2 as well as any other important/helpful details BELOW in the comments! Let's GO, Community!...healing, manifesting, and all the unlocks and uplevels we ALL desire, happen beautifully in the relationship of community!
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NO Cold DMs/Soliciting from the Community! (WALL OF SHAME!)
Hey, one thing I know I hate when I join a group is if people start messaging me from the group trying to sell me stuff. If anyone in this community DMs (Direct Messages) you about their services, please take a screenshot and share it here so we can ban them from the group straight away. Creating a community of people who want to be here to transform THEMSELVES and feel SAFE sharing so that they CAN is SUPER important SO I have ZERO TOLERANCE for cold, unsolicited DMs here. If you ARE a cold DM'r, try this: Rather than cold DMing people, just post helpful content and engage in our community. When you lead from a place of service and value, you attract way more people in a genuine way! If it's not heart-felt and real, it has no place here!
[Read First] Welcome to the Becoming More Me Community!
To start things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know… #1 - Who are you, where are you from and how do you spend your days (what are your work and your life like?) #2 - What do you want to get out of being in this community? #3 - What do you like to do for fun, pleasure, and expansion? #4 -Do you have any prior experience working with your own energetic blockages or subconscious beliefs? If so, what have you tried? I'll go first... #1 - ✨💕✨My name is Theresa Lear Levine. I am a mom of 4 boys with ADHD and High Functioning Anxiety who turned my love of Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Feeling better than ever into "Becoming More Me" where I get to use my skills as an EFT master practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Law of attraction mindset coach to help professional women all over the world to reclaim their power, inner peace, intuition and confidence so they can live their best life without anxiety and overwhelm. I live in Maryland with my Husband, Jeff, my 4 sons, and 2 yellow Labs! #2 - ✨💕✨What I want out of this community is to be of the utmost service... I want to connect with new friends, I want to serve our existing clients and I want to help people expand their impact, their belief in themselves and about what is possible in terms of showing up differently in their lives and getting new results and outcomes where they have previously felt stuck or challenged. Because I already know that my clients are my biggest teachers, I fully expect I will be learning and growing a TON along the way with you and because of your presence here and I'm so excited for that! #3 - ✨💕✨Fun, pleasure and expansion, I'm a huge fan of sex research and always expanding in my life sexually. I personally feel that most women undervalue pleasure and that our entire worlds change when we slow down and embrace it! I love deep conversation, relationship building activities (with my husband and kids), audiobooks and music, and am always actively learning something or getting certified in something. I'm currently writing my first book which I find fun, and I love getting outdoors and being in nature. While my schedule is busier than ever, I am making more time for slowing down and enjoying my life than I ever have before and it's non-negotiable and glorious!
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Welcome, new members! ✨💕✨
This is a quote from the first chapter of my book Becoming More Me where I’m embracing awareness which is key to unlocking transformation and breaking free from stagnant patterns…. Awareness is a wonderful starting point but it’s definitely not the whole story. A heartfelt thank you and the warmest of welcomes to all who are joining us here! I am always grateful for each and every member of this community, new or old. ✨💕✨ Whether you're navigating a specific challenge, resisting your own aligned action, or simply looking to become more resourced with your ability to care for yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally- you're in the right place to rise, rewire, and regulate together!! 🥰 Tell us…what brought you to the community & how can we best support you? Specific requests for learning, coaching and better understanding things are honored in the weekly free coaching posts so please share! Make sure to check this week’s free coaching offer in the announcements and head over to the classroom where you can dive into amazing programs, tapping videos and other super valuable resources for nervous system regulation and subconscious mind work.✨💕✨ @Sabrina Gordon @Susan Official
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Where are my anxious perfectionists?
Little changes can make a big difference in feeling better and my guest this week, the lovely Tati Garcia, is sharing lots of actionable steps you can take to to start coping more effectively. Episode 148 of the "Becoming More Me" podcast unravels strategies to embrace inner peace and wield our anxieties as tools for growth, not barriers. 🌿💖 Whether you're navigating your personal or professional life, this episode will help you cultivate lots of personal growth and clarity! Click on the link below to listen 😉
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