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Now that #youtubepodcast is enabled on my #youtubechannel the Steps To Voice Over Success PODCAST is now live and active for the #voiceactor and #voiceoverartist that is looking to start, build, and grow a successful #voiceover businessThe Steps To Voice Over Success Podcast is a Weekly podcast broadcast live on Youtube and the podcast focuses on helping voice-over artists to start, build, and grow a successful voice-over business. Becoming a voice actor is a great opportunity to start your own business and work from home. The income potential is huge for those that are serious and dedicated to building a real business, learning all of the skills required to do voice over at a professional level, and committing to the craft. Here we will show you what is required to start, build, and grow an successful voice over business from the very beginning. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu0VuUfrsEID9g7zxBf1zkNtyo2z3J_yf&feature=shares



Rhonda Foster
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This course is a VO's Gold Mine, there's something here for everyone, the beginner as well as the intermediate. The lessons and group discussions are step by step easy to understand and will make you dig in, do the work and find the Content Creator in you. You will walk away and "Go Live"...with hands-on input on your own Freelance and Social Media platforms. It's all here, everything that you need to in your path to a successful voice over career. I've been floundering for a while on my own in VO but now, I have a solid foundation and a clear path. I started following Earl Hall 2 years ago because he is willing to invest in the VO community, I'm striving to build strong VO skills and produce great audio, I'm getting that and more knowledge with the Grid and Don't Quit (GADQ) VO family network. I Highly recommend this course.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Earl Hall
Rhonda Foster
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    Thank you Earl, you have mentored me and I have watched you grow as well, so glad your back and taking our VO community to higher levels.

Doing a little work on my studio this morning 😊. Like most people that are a #contentcreator I love improving and upgrading to enhance the experience of my audience. I mean this is who we do it all for right? In this #creatoreconomy the #audience must come first. It took my some time to honestly hone in on that. It is definitely all about the audience and the #value we bring to them 🤗 #earlhallstudio #grindanddontquit



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    Great AMA today! Your Studio is looking fab, I'm working on my space as well, thanks for the good words today. GADQ⚙️

#Live Zoom AMA 03.04.23 "Awesome AMA meeting on last Saturday, tons of knowledge shared, now taking action...the hard work begins."



Penny Orton
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Steps To Voice Over Success
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I've been behind the mic for 3 yrs, i'm striving to develop stronger VO skills and produce great audio, thank you for this opportunity to learn.

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