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Growth Mindset
I was excited after hearing Earl's suggestion today in regards to growing our businesses. Michael also shared his conviction about conducting his "reconnoissance". These were both great examples of a Growth Mindset. Doing what it takes to become successful even when one doesn't want to. These are the things that I cling to and use to propel me. I was BORN and BRED for the "9 to 5" mentality. I didn't mind so much people telling me what to do and when to do it (UPS, United Airlines, Walmart and so on). And yet deep within, phrases like, "be your own boss, why not you, and building someone else's dream", kept buzzing in my mind over and over like a nagging never ending mosquito attack. You guys are greatly appreciated. This is the stuff some people pay thousands of dollars to hear. What a deal! I got it here in this forum. GADQ!
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Truth, this was an awesome AMA Podcast, you all share and inspire me to dream outside the box and give it my best...Steel Sharpens Steel, Lol GADQ fam⚙️
Looks like one of those days!
Talk about an extra NOISY day! Here in good ole California, we had rain and more rain, and more rain. So much rain this particular day, I lost out on 3 auditions. Because of the intensity of the wind and rain, it was next to impossible to process out the added noise. There was still some noise going on in the background after several attempts. As submission time was ending, I threw in the towel. So now I'm challenged once again to find further methods for processing audio in adverse situations. Next time I'll be better prepared. I live fight and grow another day. GADQ
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Great attitude Ralph, keep pushing, we have all been there, GADQ⚙️
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@Ralph Toles Me too⚙️
Grant's for your VO Business
Hi GADQ family happy Monday, looking for some free money to build your VO career, here are the Grant's that I was referring to I found this info on Instagram, hope you find it useful.🎛🎧🎤⚙
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Your very welcome Ruth, I hope this helps.😊
Just got in my new hat today. I love this red. Many colors available 🤩 T-shirts, mugs, and more Get yours here!
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Heyy, that red hat looks sporty with the black GADQ Polo Shirt!😎
Voice Over Domination Course is a "Must Have" in your VO journey!
This course is a VO's Gold Mine, there's something here for everyone, the beginner as well as the intermediate. The lessons and group discussions are step by step easy to understand and will make you dig in, do the work and find the Content Creator in you. You will walk away and "Go Live"...with hands-on input on your own Freelance and Social Media platforms. It's all here, everything that you need to in your path to a successful voice over career. I've been floundering for a while on my own in VO but now, I have a solid foundation and a clear path. I started following Earl Hall 2 years ago because he is willing to invest in the VO community, I'm striving to build strong VO skills and produce great audio, I'm getting that and more knowledge with the Grid and Don't Quit (GADQ) VO family network. I Highly recommend this course.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Thank you Earl, you have mentored me and I have watched you grow as well, so glad your back and taking our VO community to higher levels.
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I've been behind the mic for 3 yrs, i'm striving to develop stronger VO skills and produce great audio, thank you for this opportunity to learn.

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