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quick question
please everyone, i'm planning to learn another skill aside webflow which one do you think i can learn, i'll really appreciate your suggestion
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@Robert Boulos okay thank you I’ll work on those
Introduction and Appreciation post
Hello everyone, My name is opeyemi. I’m an expert in webflow, thanks to the admin for giving me the privilege to be part of this group and as well as every member of this community, thank you for having me
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⏰ Weekly Friday 2PM EST Low-Code Development Call
We have over 245 people now in this group, and it's made up of founders, entrepreneurs, coaches, developers, and all kinds of people with valuable experience. Quality is always better than quantity, and it's clear to me that we have quality. That's where the real value of this group is - it's the people in it. I don't think you joined to just read my posts - I think you came because you want to take action, and are looking to have a real conversation about how to get things done. That's who these weekly calls are for. I chose 2PM EST as the time - but this may be adjusted based on what works for the most people. There's no such thing as a perfect time to start, so let's just get started.
New comment May 14
⏰ Weekly Friday 2PM EST Low-Code Development Call
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@Robert Boulos okay nice
🌟 Welcome, Rules & Resources 🌟
Welcome to the Low-Code Community! We help Webflow Designers become WebApp Developers so that you can build SaaS without anyone else getting involved (and messing up your design)! 📌 Introduce Yourself Kickstart your journey by introducing yourself! Share your name, location, and what draws you to the SaaS world. Whether you're here to share knowledge or seek guidance, we're excited to hear your story and support your ambitions. 📜 Community Guidelines To ensure a productive and positive environment, we adhere to a few simple rules: - Be Respectful: Foster a supportive atmosphere where all members feel valued. - No DM Spam: Respect personal boundaries and the community's purpose. - No Selling: This space is for learning and sharing, not for unsolicited sales pitches. (Report any rule-breaking DMs for immediate action.) 🔑 Unlock Your Potential: Free Resources & Tools Dive into the world of Webflow, Wized, and Xano with free plans that let you start building today. Our curated resources are designed to guide you from concept to scale: 💸 Start for Free - Webflow University: Learn Web Design - Wized Tutorials: Interactivity in Webflow - Xano: Backend Power 👍 Engage & Grow Active participation unlocks exclusive benefits, such as: - Access to my personal SaaS resources and solutions - Free custom project templates - 1:1 feedback sessions, and more! ⬆️ Advanced Resources When ready, explore our paid extras for in-depth learning and personalized support. 🚀 Take Action - Introduce Yourself: Jump into the community and meet fellow SaaS enthusiasts. - Explore Resources: Start with our Free Resources to begin your journey. - Engage: Share insights, ask questions, and contribute to discussions for mutual growth. 📢 Let's Build Together Your journey in SaaS is unique, and this community is here to support every step of the way. From validating your initial idea to scaling globally, we're here to offer insights, encouragement, and resources. Let's create something remarkable together.
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🌟 Welcome, Rules & Resources 🌟
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I really want to get better on webflow No way you can know everything, just have to get better
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Olugbesan Opeyemi
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