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Snappy Value Call is happening in 3 days
September 22nd Call Recording
Had a great talk today with @Rene Tatua! When you're building a digital product, it can be a tough and lonely journey. We do these weekly calls to share our challenges, give feedback, and be held accountable. It's not about me standing up on a podium and preaching - it's about all of us being on the same level, and lending support to one another. Every Friday at 1PM Eastern Time - you are welcome to join!
Rene Tatua
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September 8th Weekly Call Recording
Had a great call today with @Rene Tatua - we discussed his web app "Match Kraft", marketing strategies, pricing strategies, community building, and more. We have these calls every Friday at 1PM Eastern Time, and welcome you to join us next week.
Danny Mallinder
Rene Tatua
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⏰ Weekly Friday 1PM EST Product Building Call
We have over 170 people now in this group, and it's made up of founders, entrepreneurs, coaches, developers, and all kinds of people with valuable experience. Quality is always better than quantity, and it's clear to me that we have quality. That's where the real value of this group is - it's the people in it. I don't think you joined to just read my posts - I think you came because you want to take action, and are looking to have a real conversation about how to get things done. That's who these weekly calls are for. I chose 1PM EST as the time - but this may be adjusted based on what works for the most people. There's no such thing as a perfect time to start, so let's just get started.
Dain Miller
Russ Schneider
Mohamed Soliman
Robert Boulos
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Weekly Product Building Call - Friday 1PM EST
Every time I get into a call with someone from this group, it seems like the conversation thrives when we talk about strategies for validating, prototyping, and developing digital products. So I've decided to turn the focus of the weekly calls towards product building. If you're an action taker, and you have an idea you want to bring to life, then this call is for you. We can discuss ways to find exactly what problem you should be solving, how to make sure people will pay for the solution, and technologies you can leverage to create an MVP as quickly as possible. (Also, most of my time is dedicated towards building right now, so this is also the best way for me to share tips because recording and editing videos is too time consuming at the moment.)
Jacob Wilson
Robert Boulos
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