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This is by far our most exciting product update yet... ListKit now has a direct integration with Smartlead! With this update, you can send contacts directly from ListKit to Smartlead with the click of a button. Need to start a new campaign with the list you're building? You can do that in ListKit, and a new campaign loaded with leads will be waiting for you inside Smartlead. Need to add leads to an existing campaign? You can simply choose a Smartlead campaign from inside ListKit, choose how many credits you'd like added, and the campaign will be topped off with fresh credits. All hands-free. I've been in the lead generation space for 3 years, and this is a feature I wish I'd had years ago. It really is a game changer! I just recorded a Loom demo explaining how this integration works and how to set it up... If you have any questions about how to set up the API inside ListKit, please respond to this and I'm happy to help. Happy Prospecting!
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Do I need ".com" domains to get good results with cold emailing listkit leads?
I have 5 domains and they don't have the ending ".com". Is that a problem for sending cold emails to listkit leads, because it reduces the deliverability or does it still work? Looking forward to your responses and I have to say the 3k leads I bought with listkit are high-quality.
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@Fabian Kis great question. Yes, there are some potential disadvantages to using a domain for your cold email campaigns: 1. Perceived Legitimacy: .com domains are the most recognized and trusted. Using a less common domain might make your recipients more suspicious of your email, especially if they aren’t familiar with the newer domain extensions. 2. Deliverability: Some spam filters can be stricter with unfamiliar domain extensions. If you’re using a newer or less common domain, there’s a possibility that your emails could be flagged as spam more frequently. 3. Credibility: Depending on your audience, a .com domain might be seen as more professional. Some might view domains as cheaper or less authoritative, even if that’s not the case.
What's up ListKit fam 👋 We've got some BIG NEWS for you today! 💥 We have been hard at work behind the scenes to make your ListKit experience even better, and we're thrilled to announce that our major infrastructure upgrade has been completed successfully! 🎉🎉🎉 Over the past two weeks, our fantastic team has been fully committed to achieving one thing: improving your experience with ListKit. We've pushed our technological boundaries and challenged ourselves. Today, we proudly present to you an achievement that not only meets but surpasses the bar we set for ourselves! Our new infrastructure has now ramped up to a whopping 3x the capacity! Yes, you read that right. This is a leap forward that has brought a substantial improvement to the speed and reliability of our platform. So, what does this mean for you?🤔 You can now enjoy a much FASTER search experience! ⚡️ Your searches will be quicker and smoother, bringing you the results you need at lightning speed. We understand how vital time is for our users and we want you to have the information you need at your fingertips, right when you need it. Of course, we could not have achieved this without your support and your faith in us. You all are the reason why we strive to improve every day. 🙌 And as we celebrate this major milestone, we would love to hear from you! Please take the new and improved ListKit for a spin and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is the fuel that drives our innovation. We're excited to learn about your experience and any suggestions you might have for further improvements. Just drop your thoughts in your comments below. Thank you for your constant support and for being a part of this amazing journey with us. Here's to making ListKit even more powerful, reliable, and user-friendly, together! Keep listing, keep thriving, and stay awesome, ListKit fam! 🚀🚀🚀
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EOW updates + what's next (7/28/23)
What's up ListKit fam 👋 Hope you're all CRUSHING it this week! Wanted to fill you in on all the latest product updates we pushed live this week: v. 2.1.2023.0721 deployed on July 21st - This update introduced a new feature where Excluded Keywords now apply to Company Names and Website URLs for more accuracy! v. 2.1.2023.0726 deployed on July 26th - This update solved the problem of receiving duplicates in their orders! v. 2.1.2023.0727 deployed on July 27th - This update patched the issue of when orders would fail or get stuck in processing! Over the weekend, the team is cleaning up some errors in the database causing slow processing times, low match rates, and missing data. This will result in the best ListKit experience yet! Next week, we'll be rolling out a handful of updates to improve the email match rate. This will increase the amount of verified results you're getting. We also have some beautiful new UI/UX updates to make ListKit even easier to use! There's tons more right around the corner, including: a subscription management page, more fields included in exports, more include/exclude features, Smartlead integration, save search filters for later, better data coverage, and so much more! As always, keep sharing your feedback, questions, and feature requests so we can make ListKit the ultimate list building solution! Just reply to this message or shoot me or any of the Founders a DM :) Talk soon! Happy prospecting, Andre Haykal Jr P.S. If you haven't signed up for the launch offer, it will be expiring very soon. Secure your account before it's too late at
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@Deondre Blackshear revenue numbers are only reliable for public companies that publish financials. Best to go off of headcount (number of employees) for private companies, that's a reliable indicator
You guys broke our servers LOL
I'm not sure if this should make me happy or sad 🤣 Our team tested server capacity multiple times leading up to the launch but things fell apart due to the demand being even greater than we imagined... The good news is our team is hard at work to resolve these issues. We even hired another team member literally TODAY to solve the issues and fine tune our servers! The path to great performance and a seamless experience is CLEAR ✅ Stay tuned for more updates! P.S. Hope to see many of you on our launch party Zoom call tonight at 9 PM EST 🎉
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You guys broke our servers LOL
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Just one more road block to overcome. I've been in the big data space for the past 15 years and will be sharing on the Zoom call later tonight what our immediate action plan is to get you all up and running so you can turn verified emails for your ICP into opens, responses and most important ROI!
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