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ListKit Price Update - 50% cheaper credits!
What's going on everybody! We just rolled out a major pricing update at ListKit… The price per credit on all of our plans has been cut in HALF Here’s what the new plans look like: $79/mo — 2,000 email credits and 100 phone credits (4 cents per credit) $179/mo — 5,000 email credits and 250 phone credits (3.5 cents per credit) For comparison, here’s the old pricing: $79/mo - 1,000 email credits (8 cents per credit) $315/mo - 5,000 email credits (6.3 cents per credit) Our new pricing is now very comparable to other data companies in the market - and we still Triple-Verify every lead for you. To sign up for ListKit with our new pricing, go here: If you're an existing customer, you can convert to the new pricing here:
New comment Mar 12
ListKit Price Update - 50% cheaper credits!
1 like • Mar 11
I signed up on Black Friday so how will it work?
Guide to Generating High-Quality E-Commerce Leads
Before we share the latest tips and tricks on how to get the best ecom leads, it's important to: 1. Understand the Quality of Leads: Begin by recognizing that the leads in our database have been thoroughly tested for quality and consistency, particularly against those from Apollo. 2. Focus on the Right Filters: The effectiveness of your lead generation largely depends on using the right filters. This step is crucial for targeting the most relevant and high-quality leads. Import Domains from StoreLeads: (Check our guide on how to import here) Start by importing domains into ListKit from StoreLeads. This is a proven method for initial lead sourcing. Apply Specific Job Title Filters: After importing the domains, apply filters based on specific job titles. These job titles should align with the e-commerce decision-makers or key contacts you aim to reach. Evaluate Results and Adjust as Needed: For instance, if you import 1,000 domains from StoreLeads, expect to get around 1,800 relevant leads. Monitor the results and adjust your filters or sourcing methods as necessary to improve the relevance and quality of leads. Recommendation for Best Results: We highly recommend this method for extracting the best possible e-commerce leads from our extensive database. It has been tested and proven to yield high-quality results.
New comment Mar 17
1 like • Mar 5
Awesome post Andre!
Sequences beyond 3
Hi all, I finally got there and launched my campaigns! My only problem is that I can't seem to just add emails 3 & 4 in Listkit. So all 3 campaigns have a sequence of 3. There was no + step after email 3 in each sequence. Is there something I'm missing here?
New comment Mar 1
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@Bronagh McInerney do you have the top subscription? I thinks it’s the pro plan
Should I send emails on weekends?
What are your guys thoughts and pratices? Does it have any negative sides?
New comment Feb 27
0 likes • Feb 24
I don’t, they’ll just pushed down and probably never seen. Just do Monday-Friday
Bug FIXED + new enhancements to "Max people per company" filter
GM ListKit fam ☕ We're thrilled to announce that our amazing team of devs has successfully resolved the recurring bug causing the "Max people per company" feature not to work properly. We seriously appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process. Your feedback has been so helpful in identifying and solving the issue ASAP! We even built in a cool new feature showing you the exact people who are included for each company and a column showing you the total people included in the search results from that company. Run some tests and comment below to confirm everything is working properly for you! As always, should you encounter any further bugs with the software or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for your continued support 🙏 Happy prospecting! Andre
New comment Feb 6
Bug FIXED + new enhancements to "Max people per company" filter
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Let’s gooo! Liskit to the moon!
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