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Fellow raw vegans
Any raw vegan coaches here I can follow and learn from? Wanting to check out others coaching layouts and business models. Show each other support. Raw retreats are a bonus too!
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@Éva Raposa Thank you!
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@Éva Raposa Absolutely! Let me know
How I'm stacking cash in 2023... (& how you can, too)
Every man knows that being short on cash (or crypto) is one of the worst feelings in the world. I cannot speak for women, but for men, being poor makes us feel weak. Incapable. Unable to travel the world. Unable to provide for our loved ones. On the other hand... As a man having fat stacks of cash/crypto is a beautiful thing. Cash makes us feel powerful and boosts testosterone... Let's us travel the world... Let's us live in a nice house in a safe neighbourhood... Let's us be the provider we were put here to be. Let's us feel certain about our future. So how do you stack cash in 2023? Simple. Get people to give you cash to you in exchange for a digital product or service. It's called 'Commerce'. ALERT: They purposefully do not teach Commerce in school because they need you to be poor to be a slave. And factories (big companies) need slaves. But if you can get people to give you money, you will have all the money you need, and will never need to work for anyone ever again. $10,000/month? No problem. I'm averaging $45,000/month, purely organically. Look: the only people with no money are the people who don't have people giving it to them... So how do you get people to give you money? I like to use something called the 'Freebie Funnel Method'. I create & then give away helpful free stuff on social media in exchange for an email. Once I collect an email, I email that person/follow up with them on social media with more content and more free stuff until they feel like working with me/buying my stuff. It's too simple. So... Most people complicate it. Especially beginners :( But the pros keep it simple. And the reason it works so well is because humans have a hard time saying "no thanks" to genuinely helpful free stuff that helps them eliminate their problems. And everyone has problems. Most people are: - Alone and looking to be in love. - Broke and looking to be rich. - Fat and looking to be fit. - In pain and looking to be out of pain.
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How I'm stacking cash in 2023... (& how you can, too)
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Hi everyone!
What's your nickname? Starr Where you from? Palm Harbor, Florida Biggest strength? Consistency, dependable, hard worker Biggest weakness? Feeling confident doing videos Which content platform is your favourite? Facebook What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Learning how to build out my business model for helping others heal their bodies. Content, videos, coaching/mentor etc
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