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What is imposter syndrome, actually [live]
Did you catch the live @Leonardo Gomes and I did earlier today? We talked about imposter syndrome. Have you ever experienced it? Many people seem to perceive it as a negative. We look at it as a positive. That may sound strange, but hear us out. First, go watch the recording. Second, there is a lot of research suggesting the opposite. Justin Welsh likes to say he's never met an unsuccessful person who has imposter syndrome. Researcher Adam Grant shows why the syndrome happens and what it means for competence rather than actual confidence. He uses this formula: Competence > confidence = imposter syndrome Confidence > competence = arrogance So, if you have imposter syndrome, it's likely a benefit, or a symbol of something positive. It may also be connected - as we discussed - to your identify and what you really want for yourself. Check out our conversation and let me know your thoughts on this below. Takeaway: don't let it slow you down, but rather let it fuel your introspective work that makes external validation less important.
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What is imposter syndrome, actually [live]
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@Andrew Woodbury Yes, it's on Adam Grant's Work life podcast. You should. They discuss imposter syndrome vs complacency. The other thing that I found interesting was Justin Trudeau, who apparently used to teach, talking about the need to remind himself that he's not a teacher anymore when defending policies. It reminded me of the multi-disciplinary aspect of running a teaching business. Anyway, as he's your Prime Minister, I thought of you guys.
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@Lori DeChellis, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!🙂
Paid or free
Hi! Quick question. Does the 5in30 offer have to be free? I understand why you suggest doing it for free, however, my intention was to give it to the 7 people in my membership for free (and ask for feedback) and offer it at a beta price (- 25-50%???) to the wider world in exchange for feedback. The course will be a gateway into my membership (includes 1 month's access with the hope they'll stay on - price of this is 12 euros a month) and not high ticket so a beta price would be low, 19 euros 🤔... I'm a bit tired of offering free stuff and paying to work 🤣 I need to start at least covering my costs 4 years in 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I've also had people in the past not sign up for free because they feel bad. And those that do are less invested as they didn't pay. Thanks! @Michael Landry @Andrew Woodbury @Leonardo Gomes
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Hi @Lisa Jayne Wood, I took the 5 in 30 course when it was offered as a free trial, and I noticed that I was so grateful to be offered something that made a difference to me that I wanted to make sure that my feedback and review were useful in return. In turn, I've received invaluable feedback from the learners that took part in the trial version of my course. So, I'd say that although it may feel counter-intuitive, it's worth offering the trial version of your course for free. I hope that helps.
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@Andrew Woodbury, no problem I'm really glad to hear that it helped in some way. You guys have done a great job with it.
Business English teacher needed
Hi guys, Do any of you specialise in working with professional students to help them to participate in meetings confidently? I have been teaching a Spanish lady who works in pharmaceutical marketing, but isn't really my niche. Let me know if you'd like me to pass your details on to her.
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Thanks @Andrew Woodbury
Should we call students "students"?
I posted this on LinkedIn the other day and go two types of responses: 1. People who completely agree with the idea 2. People who don't No surprise, I guess 🤣 What's your take? Should we call students "students" or "learners." Does it matter? Should we reflect on our role in the learning process, and that we don't necessarily "teach" a language like other subjects? These are takeaways from our interview with the legendary researcher Bill VanPatten. Here's the post below: We shouldn't call them students. Call them learners. What they learn is beyond our control. These are some of the takeaways from our chat with the great Bill VanPatten this week. We'll have more posts and snippets coming out shortly, but this one caught my attention. He calls this the "Atlas complex." Where teachers feel they must do everything and anything to help students. And this is wrong. After all, in a language classroom - or via your own courses if you're selling them - the students' brains are equipped to acquire knowledge beyond our control. Hence the switch from "student" to "learner." They learn with or without us. Which also means we aren't the "teacher," but rather an "interlocutor." Which reminds me of what Paul Nation said when we interviewed him: "As a teacher, you've gotta believe that by NOT teaching, people can learn." And this really is it, isn't it? TL;DR: 1. Don't call them students; call them learners 2. Don't call ourselves teachers; refer to ourselves as interlocutors 3. We have very little control over what learners acquire
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I prefer learner because it describes the desired outcome. Student seems quite narrow in its scope because it neglects the fact that it's possible to learn when you are not studying, for example by picking up language.
Holiday Weeks: No feedback from Dec 22-Jan 3
Hi all, I hope your holiday prep is going well - and that you'll give yourself some downtime. We are doing the same and there will be no feedback available in 5in30 from Friday Dec 22 to Wednesday Jan 3 inclusive. Our last working day is Thursday, Dec 21. If you have feedback to be checked, do send it in early next week. And if you plan to work over the holidays, let us know now, and we'd be happy to provide a work plan for you that we can review together after the holidays. Enjoy the weekend!
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Thanks for all of your help! Have a fantastic Christmas!!
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