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Module 1 - Finding a niche
I've just completed the first module of the Business Belief Bootcamp. It has really pushed me to move from a course in search of a problem to solve to a much clearer niche with a specific problem. It has also nicely anticipated many of my lingering questions about moving to a new niche. I'm looking forward to building a course around it.
Andrew Woodbury
Michael Landry
Nick Swerdlow
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@Michael Landry Thanks. I appreciate your help.
Module 1: What problem do you solve?
Hi, I've just started the Beta version of the Business Belief Bootcamp, which is really insightful. I've come up with a list of problems my courses and course ideas solve. I have an existing course aimed at people living in English speaking countries which helps them to build relationships, enjoy expressing themselves rather than just communicating, and feel included. Sound pretty generic? A second course idea helps young professionals working in their own languages to boost their prospects of finding a position that involves using English, but at the moment it's just an idea. 🙂
Andrew Woodbury
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What is a course, anyway? Add your thoughts
We suffered from the glamourization of what a course actually is. We were living in the details and not focusing on the simple one big thing. This training highlights our errors and how you can avoid it. Do you resonate with what we experienced? Add your reflections - comment to turn the red icon green!
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Saša Vasiljević
Rocio Rojas
Andrew Woodbury
Nick Swerdlow
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Thanks Andrew. That's really encouraging. In terms of overcoming these obstacles, I think that it shows how important it is to students and potential students to see how interested they are in our course ideas. In my limited experience of trying to do this I struggle to distinguish between politeness and enthusiasm.
Recording: Landing Pages that Convert
Thanks to all of you who came out to our session today on landing pages. We hope you found it useful. Here's the recording for those who missed it. In this session, we examined some landing pages and emphasized the importance of the above-the-fold sections. Your task is to: 1. Update yours based on the session or 2. Create yours from scratch based on this session. As you do, share the links in the comments so we can get you some feedback. And any questions on landing pages, please ask below and we can help. See you at the next workshop! P.S. if you don't have a landing page host, we HIGHLY recommend Carrd - it's beautiful, easy to use, and only $20 PER YEAR(!).
Michael Landry
Akashdeep Singh
Joanna Newman
Andrew Woodbury
Nick Swerdlow
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Thank you. It was a really useful session. Would it be possible to share the slides with us?
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@Andrew Woodbury No worries. Well, I've tried to take the ideas from the session to update my homepage, and I'm planning to do some work on the messaging on my course webpage.
Join us tomorrow (Wednesday) for a live workshop
Hey all! Hope you're free to join @Leonardo Gomes and me tomorrow (Wednesday) for a live workshop on lead generation for your business. We're excited to announce this new series - something we'll be doing every other Wednesday here inside TSN. Whenever we ask you what your biggest challenge with your business is, the vast majority of you say that finding clients/students is the #1 obstacle. This is usually due to a lack of lead generation and keeping those leads warm. So in this session, we'll dive into: 1. What a lead magnet is and how to create an effective one 2. Three types of lead magnets to consider 3. How to avoid the common pitfalls of lead magnets - it not LEADING to paying clients Remember: if people say 'no' to your free stuff, you're likely asking too much of them. We'll strategize how to avoid this as well. So, join us tomorrow for this session. The recording will be available here afterwards as well. We want this community to be as valuable and useful to you as possible - if you have other tips and suggestions for what you'd like to see here, drop it in the comments. *See the calendar for the session link and time.
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Nick Swerdlow
Andrew Woodbury
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Thank you. My experience is that one of two things happen when I offer something for free. Either people don't click on it, or they do, but it doesn't lead to new students. I think it's what you are planning to cover anyway. :)
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@Andrew Woodbury , thank you very much. I've just watched it. I found it very clear and useful. It certainly gives me things to work on. :)
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