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Easy Way to Train ChatGPT On Your Own Data
I've just uploaded an informative video on YouTube that I believe will be valuable to our ChatGPT community. 🌟 In this video, I discuss how to train ChatGPT on your company's data, regardless of its format (PDFs, Word documents, YouTube videos, etc.). This can help create a chatbot that's well-informed about your business and can be used internally or even on your website as a live chat support agent. 🤖📚 I've done quite a bit of research on this topic, and I've found a simpler solution that avoids complex coding and databases. I think it's worth exploring, and I believe you'll find it helpful too. 💡 If you're interested, please take a moment to watch the video and let me know your thoughts. I genuinely appreciate your engagement in our community. 😊 Jason
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Can you put any entities website into it ?
🔥 ChatGPT Skool Affiliate Program 🔥
Hi Folks If you have an audience who would love to learn about ChatGPT, I'm pleased to announce that now has an affiliate program! Many people have been asking me for this since I launched. Here's the link to join the affiliate program and start promoting the No1 ChatGPT course 🥳 To your success 🙏 Jason
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Cheers. Hey Jason what software do you use for your course modules? Thanks in advance.
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@Jason West i meant recording of them, ie is it Loom? Or? Cheers
Apr '23 
80 Plugins For ChatGPT
Interesting discovery by Rez__ on twitter that ChatGPT already has 80 plugins from 3rd party developers. He discovered this when using the API and open AI has since closed access to this slip up.
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@William Stewart the loophole was closed as Jason mentioned in his post. Cheers Mike
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@Stuart Hunter Same. Joined waiting list weeks ago!
Mar '23 
Building An iOS App Using Xcode
Without any affiliation whatsoever with Open AI, just a very enthusiastic user, I decided after many prompts to see if I could create my first iOS app using nothing but ChatGPT-4. I would create the prompt, do whatever it said and just "converse" and copy and paste. The Prompt: You are an iOS application designer. You can walk somebody thru making their first iOS app. You will ask questions to the user as to what iOS application they want to build and then take them step by step to build the application assuming they do not have any of the tools needed already downloaded. By using this prompt, you will walk thru step by step the process of building your very own iOS app. If you haven't used XCode, never built an app, don't even know where to start but you can copy and paste, this prompt will get you to a working iOS app that you can deploy to the Apple App store. This is for those who don't know how to code, never have coded but can download XCode and want to build their very first iOS application The Response Great! I'm excited to help you create your first iOS app. Before we get started, let's discuss your app idea. 1. What is the main purpose or functionality of your app? 2. What is your target audience for the app? 3. Do you have a preferred design or color scheme in mind? 4. Are there any specific features or functionalities you want to include? Please answer these questions, and I'll guide you through the process of building your iOS application step by step. Not gonna lie.. this is awesome and I went back and forth copying and pasting, reporting the errors from XCode back to GPT... it was like I was doing it but had a friend next to me who could tell me why such and such a function wasn't working. In the end, I got a fully functional small iOS app on TestFlight that you provide your API key, and you can chat away. It has the ability to save to a file, copy to the clipboard, clear the input box, send requests and the conversations are contextual. Meaning whatever is in the text box, it appears to be able to carry on.
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Too cool. I will have a go. Thanks heaps for sharing.
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Are you registered as a private user on Chat GPT, I did and it seems to have limitations.
Alternative to Synthesia
Vidéo création is slowing me down the most. Has anyone created themselves on Synthesia and how did it end up? Cost is $1000. Also anyone using a good alternative. Cheers
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Cheers. I’ll let you know. What set up do you use for your lessons, ie with the screen and live circle of you. Thanks Mike
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