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Ivan Jimenez-Guzman
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Bio: Retired US Militery Martial artists 54 years old. Stoic RONƎN Polymath. Self decipline is Freedom
Simon Yuppie
ā€¢ Active 9h ago
Bio: I'm an entrepreneur/investor, artist and an enthusiast in fitness. I love travelling, reading, trying different meals and currently learning pick up
Jason Samuel
Bangalore ā€¢ INTJ
ā€¢ Active 4h ago
Bio: From a dot, only for the dots!
Sergio Kopelev
Las Vegas ā€¢ ESFP
ā€¢ Online now
Bio: Originally from NYC. Former government turned screenwriter, crisis management consultant, and serial entrepreneur. IG: realpowerserg
Sabby Bg
ā€¢ Active 8h ago
Bio: Real Estate Agent
Rocky Vette
ā€¢ Active 22d ago
Bio: If ya think ya can, I know ya can.
Ethan Anderson
ā€¢ Active 18m ago
Bio: Phoenix, AZ @ethanyanderson
Bill Stilwell
ā€¢ Active 9d ago
Bio: Harley Davidson Enthusiast
Deven Autar
ā€¢ Active 12h ago
Bio: Doctor in Training IG: @dev416
Stephen Nagler
ā€¢ Active 16d ago
Bio: 38 years old Father of two boys
Waqas Leo
Munich germany ā€¢ ENFJ
ā€¢ Active 2d ago
Bio: Entrepreneur, Fashion creative director and VIP event host. PhD in computer science, working as a tech lead at intel. Love fast cars and tennis
KeĆÆs Kool
MontrĆ©al Qcāšœļø
ā€¢ Active 2d ago
Bio: Looking forward to being motorcylist racer
Jesus Martinez
ā€¢ Active 9d ago
Bio: entrepreneur, high rise builder. web 3.0 dev. IoT innovator handyman, marketing specialist.
Jackson Nguyen
ā€¢ Active 42d ago
Bio: Jackson Nguyen IT Developer Breakdancing/Freerunning/Extreme Taekwondo/Tricker
Jimmy Him
ā€¢ Active 10d ago
Bio: Always learning
Marcel K
ā€¢ Active 43d ago
Bio: Polish man
Ilyas Mommi
ā€¢ Active 20h ago
Bio: Perfect
Danny Denihan
Phoenix, Arizona
ā€¢ Active 16h ago
Bio: My unmatched perspicacity coupled with my sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.
Edward Bamigboye
ā€¢ Active 38d ago
Bio: I'll like to connect with influencial and people of value all over the world..
Thomas Bell
ā€¢ Active 9h ago
Bio: I'm Thomas
Joseph Stone
ā€¢ Active 17d ago
Bio: The hardest worker in the room.
Nathanael Williams
Atlanta GA
ā€¢ Active 51d ago
Bio: My Nathanael williams I'm 29 years old I love to achieve my goal and dream and being successful in life I am committed 100% to my work and in my life
Sterling Lively
ā€¢ Active 59d ago
Bio: Yup, itā€™s me
Christopher Cartwright
ā€¢ Active 58d ago
Bio: In Summary I have fallen multiple times in all areas of life. I am tired if starting over and continuing the same consistent stagnant cycle of life.
Xavier V
ā€¢ Active 63d ago
Bio: Professional Sales Consultant
Marcus Thomas
ā€¢ Active 15h ago
Bio: New to the social life but, it's all good it's time to take action.
Al Augugliaro
ā€¢ Active 15d ago
Bio: Iā€™m back ready to start the next phase of my life. Thinking positive and staying strong.
Federick Gonzalez
ā€¢ Active 77d ago
Bio: Direct-response email copywriter, Email List Manager (ELM), & High-ticket Closer (Sales)
Ole R
Gƶttingen, Germany
ā€¢ Active 26d ago
Bio: Web designer from Germany Starting to take control of my life. Better pics soon to follow. Will fix my IG now!
Brendan Anderson
Tempe, AZ
ā€¢ Active 15d ago
Bio: 28 years young Looking to make great connections and everlasting relationships with MOA
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