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Best Locations To Build A Dream Network
Hey guys! I just joined and am excited to be here. I just left my partner and am excited to create new possibilities. Currently I live in Denver Colorado and am exploring new options for place to live and wanted to ask where are the best places to build a network of beautiful women who come to my events and give me an abundance of dating options? I specifically like blondes with big breasts and curvy latina women come in second.
New comment Jul '23
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Once you’ve identified what this is find influencers in Denver that do that stuff or go to those places and start burning through their networks
1 like • Jul '23
There are also some universal events like babes in toyland charity that have a variety of all hot girls. My advice if you go to one of these is to come with girls (even though Michael says he doesn’t need it) and have an idea of what girls you want to meet (going through the host list is a way of doing this). If you treat this like a business conference you’ll clean up. Pictures are your product and follows from influencers your goal. I had a little too much fun when I went and wish I drank less and was sharper
Playlist Request
What's good fam - Anyone here great with music and setting a vibe? Curious if you would be willing to share your playlist with me. Stumbled into a situation where I may have to own the AUX for a shoot turned party. Situation: Backyard of mansion/yacht/pool photoshoot turn party. Vibe: Exciting/upbeat/ + Bangers Time: 4+ hours
New comment Aug '23
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sadly all of my playlists are geared around personal taste. Here's one called Vibey Pool that I use for my pool parties but depending on your crowd you may want something more mainstream and less nuanced. Here's my best advice, think of 3 DJs you could envision playing at your party and go save a few of their recorded sets. Preferably download it so there's not ads and shit which youtube and soundcloud will do
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oh, if you use any of mine then DON'T FORGET TO SHUFFLE. they are not in an order that's pleasant to listen to
Which one is good for my grid?
Not sure if any are useable
New comment Jul '23
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This advice will be super ticky tacky so don’t take it personally and you should still post it HOWEVER phone up to your ear looks fake now. If you were actually caught in the moment you’d probably be glancing at the phone or have some air buds in. Even if you were on the phone just keep that in mind
Do the girls pay to get in certain parties??
Ok quick question, going to the next babes in toyland, going to try to take 3-4 girls with me, when going to these parties do the girls pay to get in in Los Ángeles/Vegas. Want to know before I message them and tell them if they can just come along or straight up tell them they need a ticket. I know it differs city to city.
New comment Jul '23
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If you’re going to the LA one I’m also trying to go and bring some hotties. Lmk if you wanna combine forces. I’m also confused whether a ticket includes red carpet access.
I brought 60 models to a fashion event
Hello gentlemen, Last month, I hosted a fashion show in Munich, Germany where I brought around 60 girls. This opportunity gave me massive status boost and really high quality IVE. Here’s the event video: I joined MOA about 4 months ago and right now for me inviting female friends to an event isn’t a problem at all. In fact, so far I have 4 events (2 parties and 2 photoshoots) lined up in July on four weekends. I just followed the 4 steps of MOA to achieve this: - Fixed my IG initially, learned to use light room and photoshop - offered value to the event organizers and hosts (also to other MOA guys) in the beginning to create content for others and volunteered at other people events as @Anthony DiRico suggested in a call Now I hangout with the celebs/influencers of the city: models, tv hosts, event organizers and bloggers etc. Also I am getting invited to very exclusive events where the quality of people is really high. My social life has been transformed and status elevated during the last few months. Looking forward now to push even more boundaries with a simple philosophy in mind “give, give, give, give and keep giving so much that you make people dependent on you and you’ll not even have to ask for anything” ~ Alex Hormozi Cheers! Add me on IG: @anskhalidm @Michael Sartain
New comment 14d ago
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Love to hear it! Next stop Italy. I’ll have some new updates next week for us when I lock down the villa
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