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This is a group for hockey players looking to take their confidence, mindset & mental game to the next level.

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Voice note
Hey guys here in LATAM we use a lot of voice notes when we chat. So it would be amazing if the skool chat has it
New comment Apr 22
2 likes • Apr 18
@Christopher E. Seems like a no brainer.
1 like • Apr 19
@Eric Ardito one would think
How to reset leaderboards?
I there a way to reset the "All time leaderboard" I would like to start up a new challenge in my group and would like to reset this back to 0 for everyone. How would I do this? Thanks!
Any update on voice memo function?
I’ve had another full week of coaching where having the ability to voice message my clients would have been AMAZING!! Text just isn’t cutting it when it comes to answering questions and providing feedback. I was told this would be an option when Skool had an app. Having to take conversations off of Skool is starting to get annoying. I’m looking for an all in one platform and was told this was it??
New comment Mar 31
1 like • Mar 9
@Susan Goodman what is it?
1 like • Mar 31
@Susan Goodman Nice! I don't want to do anymore work around:) I just want one place to do everything.
How come this happens?
Why do the "24 hour" call reminder emails sometimes go out 24 hours before the call, then sometimes 35 hours before the call, then other times it will go out like 12 hours before the call? I have a call scheduled 32 hours from now and I just got the event happening email a few mins ago and didn't have time to get the links all included as I assumed I still had time. When I click a box that says "Send email 24 hours before the call" I expect and plan around the reminder email going out at this EXACT time but it never does consistently. Can someone explain to me why this is?
New comment Feb 29
1 like • Feb 29
@Jamie Ogilvy It’s kind of frustrating that at this stage of the game things like this are still happening. I never get any answers as to why this is happening either. I brought it up 6 months ago along with other features not working as they should and nothing.
Am I missing something?
Is there not a way to set up new clients with a start and end date? Like when they sign up for a year I can end their yearly access at a certain date? Or are people still doing this manually or using multiple different workarounds? This seems like a basic function every other platform has. What am I missing here?
New comment Feb 2
0 likes • Feb 2
@Darin Berntson Yes I was somewhat aware of that, I guess im asking why its not a current function skool?
0 likes • Feb 2
@Darin Berntson Interesting to try and figure out who this platform is for, I thought it was for course creators who wanted a one stop shop to teach their area of expertise but maybe I was wrong.
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