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Hi guys, i need to give 2 members of my team permition to edit the content that is in the Classroom section. But i dont know how. I already gave them access to everything but they can not edit the content



Nick Guadagnoli
Maria Rodriguez
New comment 10d ago
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    @Nick Guadagnoli i was doing wrong. I did not know that i have to expand the section. Thanks

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    i thing that will help if we can bold some words into the text. In some content i need to write a lot, so i need to make some thing shine upon others. In Thinkific i could do it.

Hi guys, i am uploading the Q&A calls of my program. One year of recordings and Skool organize them putting first the oldest, and i dont want that. I need the newest to be up front. How can i change that? When i charge the video, it goes straight to the end, and we have to click up so many times. Example i already uploaded 50 videos, so i have to click 50 times the up button. Is there and easiest way?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Maria Rodriguez
New comment 13d ago
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe I have done that. But my problem is when I will have to up load the coming sessions. I Wil have to click the up button like 50 times to get them up front

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