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How do you price your work?
Going right for the dirty word: Money! I have been asked to facilitate a one-day event. I will need additional information to understand what is required, what type of event it is, how they want it run and so on. My question is simply: how do you estimate how to price your work? Days of preparation + delivery? Organization's size? How big the audience is? I'd be interested in knowing how others approach it. (I usually added up delivery + preparation, but I tend to massively underestimate the prep and the associated time. Are there other parameters you consider?)
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@Anna Cupani Glad it's helpful! And I hear you — always so much easier to help others than it is to solve the same problem for ourselves. I'm super guilty of this.
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@Tina Westland +100 for this! We learned this the hard way in the early days.
management v leadership - developing leadership skills workshop
hi im going to be facilitating 3 x 2 hr workshops with a leadership team, where 3 of them are operating as managers and need to develop leadership skills - whole team working - does anyone have a template for identifying and developing their leadership skills
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Hi Melanie. This is my wheelhouse and I get requests for this but always flip it to encouraging the group to define the actions and behaviors they believe are most important for their organization. If this is a client, I'd encourage you to get very clear about what they mean by "management vs. leadership." This phrase gets thrown around and the truth is that the best leaders are usually also great managers - they're different skills but not mutually exclusive. My recommendation would be to drop both words and really understand what they're looking for. In my experience, when clients say their managers need more leadership skills, they end up specifying that people need to speak up more or take more initiative or have more executive presence...etc. And when they mean "inspiring others to move faster in the right direction" or "motivating others to want to do ambitious work"...the outcome is often that the individuals need to hone their tactical management skills. Semantics! 😂
Hack for Distant Workshops / Travel
In San Francisco for a 34-person modified LDJ. I was going to bring it all with me in order to avoid a mishap...then I realized I could send everything to an Amazon Drop Point. Just picked it all up - so easy. I have enough supplies for my workshop on Thursday in Orlando, too. LFJ!
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@Trevor Wood exactly. I only had space for a carry on because of several tight layovers. This saved my stress levels.
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