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Niching down feedback
Hi! Can I get some feedback on this? Thanks a million! @Andrew Woodbury @Leonardo Gomes @Michael Landry
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@Luna Lorente I like this. I particularly like how you emphasize (build towards) on a transformation that is not linguistic. This focus will be important moving forward.
START HERE! Make Your First Post & Watch the Video
Hey there! Welcome to the Teacherpreneur Support Network! @Michael Landry , @Leonardo Gomes and I are excited to have you here. Over the past half decade, we’ve surveyed thousands of teachers from around the world, and there are two things they are passionate about: finding news ways to improve their teaching and having a steady income. These combined play a major role in teacher wellbeing, and the main goal of this community is to help you develop in both of these areas. To kick things off, Step 1: Make your first post HERE by using the template below: Let everyone know: 1. Your name 2. Why you joined this community 3. Your business goal for the next 30 days 4. What you're looking for help with in this community. Step 2: Learn how to get unstuck & set up your foundations - start with Module 1 here. *See Step 3 below _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The goal of this network is to help YOU and other aspiring teacherpreneurs feel confident in setting up their teaching businesses the right way. Watch the video below, answer the poll, and introduce yourself as an orientation to the platform and this community. The community here will be what we all make it. Let's not consume passively but rather contribute actively, build accountability, and help each other along the way. Some ways to do this: - make useful posts consistently - share tips that have worked for you - ask good questions - offer advice to those you believe you can help One thing is for sure: everyone here wants to see YOU succeed. STEP 3 RESOURCES: Everyone is at a different stage of their business, and we have resources here to help you with where you are.
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START HERE! Make Your First Post & Watch the Video
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@Antonietta Trevisi It was great to catch up in the DMs. I can't wait to start working with you on this.
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@Holly Jensen "I have Holly Tree English, which is still deciding what it wants to be when it grows up."-Love it! Welcome to the community! Looking forward to holding you accountable.📈
What is imposter syndrome, actually [live]
Did you catch the live @Leonardo Gomes and I did earlier today? We talked about imposter syndrome. Have you ever experienced it? Many people seem to perceive it as a negative. We look at it as a positive. That may sound strange, but hear us out. First, go watch the recording. Second, there is a lot of research suggesting the opposite. Justin Welsh likes to say he's never met an unsuccessful person who has imposter syndrome. Researcher Adam Grant shows why the syndrome happens and what it means for competence rather than actual confidence. He uses this formula: Competence > confidence = imposter syndrome Confidence > competence = arrogance So, if you have imposter syndrome, it's likely a benefit, or a symbol of something positive. It may also be connected - as we discussed - to your identify and what you really want for yourself. Check out our conversation and let me know your thoughts on this below. Takeaway: don't let it slow you down, but rather let it fuel your introspective work that makes external validation less important.
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What is imposter syndrome, actually [live]
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@Andrew Woodbury @Leonardo Gomes Love it!
Just because it's Tuesday...
Hi Everyone, We all made it through Monday. Now, it is time to look to the future. Let's keep things positive and share a recent success you have had with your teaching or business recently.📈
Complete action
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Just because it's Tuesday...
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@Andrew Woodbury great job getting LYE out in front of more people. Those personal connections are also important for lead generation.
Paid or free
Hi! Quick question. Does the 5in30 offer have to be free? I understand why you suggest doing it for free, however, my intention was to give it to the 7 people in my membership for free (and ask for feedback) and offer it at a beta price (- 25-50%???) to the wider world in exchange for feedback. The course will be a gateway into my membership (includes 1 month's access with the hope they'll stay on - price of this is 12 euros a month) and not high ticket so a beta price would be low, 19 euros 🤔... I'm a bit tired of offering free stuff and paying to work 🤣 I need to start at least covering my costs 4 years in 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I've also had people in the past not sign up for free because they feel bad. And those that do are less invested as they didn't pay. Thanks! @Michael Landry @Andrew Woodbury @Leonardo Gomes
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@Lisa Jayne Wood No, it doesn't. You just want to reduce the barriers to entry so that you can get it up and running with proof of concept asap. Eliminating price in exchange for tools that can help you make long money is key. It's purely mindset: short money or long money? The choice is yours.
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