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Deep Meditation Healing Circle

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Healing Through Connection. 1. Find Meditation Buddies To Meditate With. 2. Join Weekly Group Healing Circle. 3. Course On Deep Meditation Healing.


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Real Estate or Community? (I Need Your Help!)
Help me decide which Skool community to start. I've invested in real estate since 2005 and have built a multi-8-figure portfolio. I am also one of the people behind the 55,000+ group of dentists that @Sam Ovens has called the "Disneyland for Dentists." (Links to podcasts where he talks about our group linked in the comments below. I'm thinking about starting a Skool community and am having difficulty deciding between: - one focused on real estate, or - one about building a thriving community I need your help! ---> Please vote on which topic I should make my Skool community about. Thank! ---> Bonus points for a comment on why you voted the way you did. I will (most likely) abide by this poll's results. 😀🤣
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@Brent C I think the online community you build is super unique and there is probably nothing in the world like it. Wheras in real estate there is already so much information, content and mentorship out there. I would be super curious to learn from you about that! I want to create something similar than you have done and what you did is super inspiring for me. I don't know anyone else who has done that.
Seth Godin's Advice For Growing On Skool!
Had the chance to interview one of my heroes earlier for The Skool Games Podcast! In this episode we talk about: - Two questions that will unlock your community - How 1000 true fans is all you need - (And why 5 might even be enough) - "Shunning the non-believers" - What he learned running some of the most successful online communities to ever exist - And the power of "shipping your work" daily. Check it out!
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Seth Godin's Advice For Growing On Skool!
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@Matthew Thompson Like 2-3 hour long podcasts that go very deep. Like Sam was doing on his original podcast. That would be awesome. Thanks a lot for doing this! It's amazing. By the way you should do one with Brent C. That would be epic. He has this free dental community on FB that Sam spoke about.
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@Matthew Thompson Amazing. Appreciate the work you do Matthew 🙌🙏
Audio Player
Would love to see an additional audio player in the classroom modules.
New comment 20d ago
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@Garry Malone Oh that's cool. Does it also play when the phone screen is off/locked? Or does one need to have the phone screen on all the time (like with video) in order to hear the audio?
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@Garry Malone Thanks for checking
Audio Only Files in Courses
Teachable has a feature where you can upload an audio file to your course modules. We've had good feedback from students who like to use this feature when they're driving. I'd kindly request that the ability to add an audio only file (in addition to the video) be considered for the course modules. Thank you!
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That would be amazing for me too! A lot of times people prefer listening to audio than video because they can do it while they are driving, walking etc... I also have a lot of meditations and currently don't have them in skool because there is no audio section.
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@Brent C Thanks Brent. That's a good idea. Right now I link to some audio files I have stored in my Google drive. The advantage of that is that they can listen to it while the phone's screen is off/locked. So it's more convenient.
How To Make Your Community THE BEST
I've been thinking about this for at least a year... and the more I think about it, I'm convinced that the easiest way to make your community THE BEST is to narrow its focus. This isn't about "the riches are in the niches." This is about being able to "give away the farm" inside of your community while NOT reducing the likelihood that someone would invest in your paid course(s)/offerings. If you want to make your community THE BEST (and dominate your niche), spend some time thinking about what single area of your community you could narrow the focus of your community to. For our 55,000+ person dental community, we ONLY talk about clinical tips and techniques. We don't discuss staffing, marketing, buying materials, insurance, patient follow-up, or anything else. So, if you have a community about tennis, try to figure out ONE element of tennis to discuss. Maybe that's serving techniques, mental toughness, tennis-specific fitness, footwork, or how to hit the perfect tweener. Doing this will allow you to give give give and hold NOTHING back. This makes it more likely that you’re helping people in your community. It builds your authority and trust while elevating your chances that people in your community will invest in your course(s)/offer. If you want to brainstorm what your narrow-focused topic could be, leave a comment below with the niche that you're in.
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How To Make Your Community THE BEST
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@Brent C I thought a little bit more about it and decided to focus my free community on deep meditation and going all in on that. Excited to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!
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@Brent C Thank you Brent :D
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