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Find lasting peace of mind through the deep healing of emotional wounds. Slow down, feel the pain, silence the mind & discover lasting peace & bliss.



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Imagine making a calendar event only accessible to members at level 6. Is this something you want?



Frank Gyz
Fredu Sirviö
Sean Kochel
Ed Andrew
Oyvind Martinsen
New comment 5h ago
  • 6 likes • 15d

    Yes! That would be great. Also the ability to only make it accessible to select users.

  • 4 likes • 15d

    @Sam Ovens So the group could be for free. And having access to the calls is a paid upgrade.

Do you want to create a paid subscription community on Skool? We're looking for 100 creators to join a private beta where you'll work with the Skool team directly to test features, give feedback, and collaborate with us to make your own paid subscription community. Please complete this survey to apply. Are you excited? We're excited. Share some excitement in the comments.



Akassh Ashok Gupta
Blake La Grange
Dalibor Stojkovic
Scott Fury
David Dodge
New comment 9h ago

I want to know.



Onur Degirmenci
Ryan Mathews
Michael Dunlevy
Raj R
Andra Annette
New comment 19h ago

We think "Courses" is more intuitive. What do you think?



Joe Moss
Cameron X
Jørn Bräuner
Martine Sorthe
Earnie Boyd
New comment 19h ago
  • 1 like • Apr 19

    @Carl Munson Also think this would be the coolest idea! That would allow us to add out own spin on it. For example I am a meditation coach and I might call it "Satsang" or "Teachings". Would really add to the atmosphere.

Want a simple landing page that explains what your group is about and why people should join? Now you have one! See an example here. You can promote your group by adding videos, images, and a description. You can specify if your group is free or paid. (less confusion when non-customers request access thinking it's free). For private groups: Non-members will see this page when they visit any of your group's links. For public groups: Non-members will see this page on the "About" tab. Once somebody is a member of a group, they'll see this page under the "About" tab. If you're an admin of a group, go to the "About" tab to customize your landing page. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think? 🎉



Robert Boulos
Trent Grzegorczyk
Jorge Buendia
Earnie Boyd
Jonas Carlström
New comment 4d ago

I would love to be able to have more membership questions for someone to join the community. The reason being is that I want to be very selective in who I let into my community, because I know and have seen how quickly one or a few members who are not a good fit for the group can worsen the experience. Would be great to have at least 10 questions. Blake La Grange was saying that one of the reasons people pay so much to get into top tier universities is because it is extremely hard to get into and it's an extremely filtered group of people who are inside. That is what makes it valuable to others. If anyone could join it wouldn't be valuable for anyone anymore. So the more gated and difficult to join the communities are, the more valuable they will be to the people who are inside. Adding more membership questions is as far as I can see the easiest way to filter who gets in and who doesn't and thereby being able to increase the value of the community. I am doing this for my free community by the way. Because I see the free community more something mid of funnel, in the client journey, rather than top of funnel (how many people are using it). So I want it to already be filtered even though it's free. Something I also learned from the amazing Blake :). Blake's community is the best community I have ever been part of by the way. And it's precisely for this reason. Because he filters who gets in. So adding this change which is quite simple is maybe the most powerful way to ensure the skool communities are high quality. Please like the post and comment if you think the same way so it gets the attention of the team for this essential feature 🙏



Julien Wagemann
Andrew Kirby
Pam Yang
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Ted Carr
New comment 4d ago
  • 1 like • Mar 14

    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks Sid that looks great. Didn't know I could create an automation like this. Will do that. Still think it would be great to have it built in but I leave that up to you guys to decide :)

  • 1 like • 5d

    @Pam Yang in the beginning he was looking everyone up who joined. Not sure how he does it now anymore. But he says it's very important also where they come from. Like where they hear about the community. That this makes a big difference for quality.

Skool's official iOS App is live. Download it here on the iOS App Store, by scanning this QR code, or searching for "Skool Communities". It has push notifications, links open in the app, + more. Our Android app should be live in the next 30 days.



Adam Zalewski
Charles Miller
Lucia Sandaal
Luke Guy
Jason Polk
New comment 5d ago

Time stamps are not working anymore? or was the feature rolled back? Although they work on the other videos that I previously set time stamps on - like 6 months ago I believe



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Mitch Wilder
Julien Wagemann
New comment 30d ago
  • 2 likes • Apr 28

    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Would it be possible to make them available also for general posts instead of just classroom posts? I am posting my group call recordings in my group and it would be nice to have time stamps for it so I can highlight the most important parts of each call and give people an immediate time stamp to it! I think it will make it much more likely people actually watch the call recordings because then they can forward to the parts they are most interested in.

  • 0 likes • 30d

    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Awesome thanks!

how can I make new members have to answer the questions? I had a few members join now and did not answer them... can I send them a link to them later? I thought I read once that without them I can't email them... @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Robert Charles
Daniel Wagner
Julien Wagemann
New comment Apr 28
  • 2 likes • Apr 28

    It would also help me! Great point! Many people don't fill out the questions!

I have a free community, with "paid for access" to the course and the related events. Thus I have free and paid events in the same group. The courses section in Skool already has the "Manage access" which made my community possible. But I would love to add this feature to the events in the Calendar section too. REASON: This means I can show all members all events, but this allows the free members to see there are exclusive events too and so reach out to me for access.



Julien Wagemann
Marcel Wasserman
Ayush Jain
Sam Ovens
New comment Apr 20
  • 1 like • Apr 19

    Yes that's a great point! I would also be up for it. That would allow me to have a free & paid community in one and make the upgrade very seamless.

Hi everyone, are time stamps only working in the classroom section or also when you make a regular post and put time stamps into it? Somehow it doesn't generate clickable time stamps for me when I use the format 10:37 - important part of the video Can anyone shed some light on it? If it only works for the classroom section, then would it be possible to also make it work for regular posts?





Theo M
Kevin Mullaney
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Julien Wagemann
Zahida A Khan
New comment Mar 18
  • 1 like • Feb 23

    That's awesome and a really interesting way to use the leaderboard. Really inspiring!

Hey guys, it's Jeff & Jess (your favorite Skool coach couple) with another MIND-BLOWING discovery... just kidding it's a small, but valuable tip we stumbled on this week that'll most likely help increase your coaching call show rate in Skool, so that you can help your clients get better/faster results! We'll keep you posted on how it plays out tmrw... P.S....yes, Jess is wearing a parka in California (everywhere's cold compared to Puerto Rico) #brrrr



Lucie Woods
Jeff and Jess Bangshow
Marcel Wasserman
Zahida A Khan
Julien Wagemann
New comment Mar 18
  • 1 like • Mar 18

    Edit: I thought this was giving as advice for a free group but now I see that it is for your paid clients. I think in that case it makes more sense to do it that way. Still gonna leave my reply here. Maybe interesting for someone. And I think for a free group it would make more sense to have the call recordings there. Hi Jeff and Jess. I appreciate you sharing this. I can imagine that it increases the show up rate. But I am not sure if that outweighs the benefits of having the call recordings in the group honestly. One group I am in, I watched each of the call recordings and they were so incredibly valuable and if they would not have been on there I would have missed out on life changing value. And I actually booked out my calendar and reserved it for these calls even though there are call recordings. Some people in that community even listened and watched some of the call recordings multiple times. Like 2-3 times. So the value they receive from them are tremendous. And the trust it creates for them when they watch all of the call recordings is tremendous also. Also I rather have actually less people show up to the calls but the ones that do are really there because they want it and I can go deep with those people and invest my time into them. If I get a bunch of people on the call I can't give each of them as much personalised attention (I do one to one kind of coaching in a group format where I go deep with one person for 15-30 minutes). Just thought I might share that with you. It's like thinking about the 2nd and 3rd order consequences. Like is group call show up rate really the most important metric or is it more important what the overall value is that people receive by being part of the community. Similarly like an increased landing page sign up rate doesn't necessarily lead to more sales and can even lead to less sales like Sam often said. Increasing group call show up rate doesn't necessarily lead to more value and trust building with the community members I believe.

  • 1 like • Mar 18

    @Jeff and Jess Bangshow Oh I see. I overlooked that it was for your paid clients. Yes I guess it makes more sense then. I might try that out actually for the paid group I will create. Thanks for sharing :). Edited my previous reply

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