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I want to build something real with this community that doesnt feel spammy the minute you come into it. If you do see any spam please report it so we can remove them and keep this channel ''pure'' lol
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Welcome to Self Transcendence. The goal of this group is to connect agency owners and aspiring entrepreneurs across the world who want more out of life than a 9 to 5 and $50,000 a year... NO - I don't have anything to sell you. I'm not making this community to give you the blueprint to make ''$100k in 12 days'' or any of this other crazy bullshit you see on the internet. I remember when I first started this journey of self-development: it was overwhelming, I kept slipping up, and I was surrounded by the wrong people. The most difficult part for me was being around people I know didn't push me forward, but not having anyone else in my life who did. And that's the purpose of this community. To connect purpose-driven men who want more out of life (while also sharing the sauce that helped me scale to $100,000 a month at 17 years old 😉) All I ask is that if you join this community you lead with value. Don't hold anything back, and truly help others. Because when you give in abundance, you receive in abundance... 12 months ago I launched a community very similar to this one that grew to over 2,100 members - but I put it on pause because I felt like an imposter. I had a huge community but absolutely nothing to show for it. So I got to work, earned my stripes, and now feel a little bit more qualified to help others with personal development, achieving peak performance, and building a business that brings financial freedom. I just paid $100 to launch this community, so lets see how it goes :) To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. Your business, what you do and who you help 3. What one goal you're working towards right now See you in the comments! NOTE: My goal isn't to build a huge messy community. People will be kicked if they are inactive and do not help others.
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Setter Position - OTE is $8-12k per month.
Appointment setter needed for solar offer long-term setter needed ⁃ call inbound leads to qualify them for the offer. book qualified leads in for the calendar. ⁃ update CRM for no answer, not interested, callbacks, appointment set, etc. ⁃ must maintain an 85% show up rate ⁃ rescheduling leads who didn’t show up to the sales call ⁃ must call leads within 3 minutes of submitting the lead form ⁃ must be able to convert 50% of qualified leads into appointments ⁃ must follow up with leads who didn’t become a client to get them to close in the future ⁃ must speak fluent English ⁃ must be able to work from 10-6 pm canadian eastern time ⁃ previous cold call experience is a must All applicants will be on a call with me to verify their English skills. OTE is $8-12k per month.
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Anyone want real estate exclusive leads dm me I am scraping over 100+ quality lead daily no tool and all by manually Ps- if you are in real estate niche and using common software to scrap lead than you may not achieve good results because everyone use the same thing Dm me to get high quality lead 🔥
Hello everyone. My manger is looking for anyone who is interested in free website design, as he will be designing for free, to boost his portfolio. If interested you can send a DM
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