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"Design sprints are based on assumptions"
Hey all! A client recently said something to me and I wanted to hear how you all would respond. Essentially, "what do you all do to make sure the topic of the sprint (not the result) is an idea based on more than a gut-feeling? Knowing the idea has had some previous level of 'looking into' provides the sprint with a higher success rate, right?" Now I can't stop thinking of the quote "Speed doesn't have a direction". I always do discovery & problem framing before a workshop, but it got me thinking... I just don't imagine many of us have so "We aren't doing one. The idea isn't there" haha. How have you handled this question? Have you adjusted your pre-work process?
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@Kevin Graham Thanks for sharing. Apple and Microsoft also have sister team approaches as well. What I'm hoping to hear is methods for managing a clients pushback on "assumption based design sprints" (we'll exaggerate what they said). I appreciate the use case you shared. Cheers!
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@Jonathan Courtney Are y'all exploring pre-sprint methods for limiting some assumptions: example RAT method? Sometimes we will sprint in circles and that's not a bad thing necessarily. I'm hoping to up the accuracy as clients (even if I explain that failure is a win) prefer a positive result.
Pretotyping as a Service?
Has anyone successfully sold a pretotyping package? I just almost hooked a massive client, but their budget isn't ready until January. I'm trying to get in a win in the next 6 weeks. I'd love to hear of any success stories and learn from you superstars out there. Happy to be an open book on my own efforts/strategy/pricing.
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Thanks for the response! Maybe I can clarify a little more here. I'm thinking of offering a package to run Pretotyping specifically: Essentially gather existing ideas, create a fake version, create a success metric, give them to customers as if they are real(usually digital ad), see what happens. It's 2 weeks for the light version and 6 weeks for the in depth. I need to find a hook (like you highlighted) that resonates with companies.
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Here's the piece I'm trying to change: the time commitment of a sprint is too great for some clients. There are idea validation methods that can provide equal insights into a product's viability/feasibility/desirability in condensed timeframes with less time from a client (they interact at key moments) and without a traditional MVP. Pretotyping is definitely an element of that process, but there needs to be some presearch done to make it next level (my opinion). I'm hoping to sell that package as a service. @Michael Cacioppo Again, thanks for the input and links! I'm historically bad at explaining myself in text. Surprisingly, much better at talking haha.
Engaging activities to fuel creativity and innovation
Hi! I just accepted a new position at Kraft Heinz as a Platform Innovation Lead! I want to do a kickoff with the team to get them excited about innovation. This is a research and development group and I want to do something fun. Would love all ideas!
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This is a perfect Chindogu workshop: I've done multiple project kickoffs with it across industries. Imagine teambuilding meets shark tank, but the goal is to make the worst ideas possible. Things learned: process of designing solutions, building personas, how to pitch ideas, and A TON of getting to know each other. I'm happy to share my full presentation and give you a walk thru. I'm only this excited because I just did it again recently and was told it was the most impactful thing they had done in 20 years. I thought it was just a silly workshop haha. Good luck and congrats!!! @Sarah Young
AI Digital Twin?
Hey peeps. Anyone made an AI Chat for client support? I've tried a bunch of ways to manage clients. We have an online course, book, etc and end up getting lots of questions that turn into office hour meetings. We're just 2 people, so calendars can get out of hand quickly haha. I made ChipGPT (we are Stale Chips). Built a knowledge base off of our materials and it's pretty wild how broad of questions it can answer. It can't exactly plan an agenda, but sometimes it kind of can haha. Was wondering if anyone else has explored this? If so, what was the result and why did you do it? Here's the link: I'm looking for more ideas on how this could be a value added for the client and how I can improve our little friend.
Finding your niche as a facilitator
Hi there:) I am currently trying to narrow down on my "genius zone" as a facilitator + to find my "ideal customers". If any of you went trough this process and found some useful tools / frameworks, do share. I feel I need some kind of structure/clear process, I'm in my head a lot:) Thankssss
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We are currently trying to narrow in on the key points on contact we reach out to for companies. We exclusive did government work and our clients have no pattern in position/rank. Feels like we are starting over from scratch. Our process before was to exploit our existing network of past workshops when in service, now how do we connect & convince (unknown job title) to buy what we sell. It's an interesting game! Have you made any progress?
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@Alina Balan Got it! Thanks for sharing. We did a lot of client+customer workshops to create a roadmap of project ideas. It's was clunky but people loved it. Sounds like Word of Mouth wins again. The best place to fish. Throw for what you know? New saying I just made up haha
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