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2 contributions to Men of Action Forum
This is something I have tried for years and I am sharing it with you guys today, because it GAVE me the results I ALWAYS NEEDED ! If you are facing issues with motivation, consistency or that fire ? This is THE PRINCIPLE, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND. When I started out in the process of self-actualisation, In the beginning just like most, Because I had a lot of things to improve on!!! OVERWHELMED, naturally I needed it quicker and faster. So, I focused on doing a lot of things at once, In that process, I really felt burdened and fatigued quickly too. When we are starting out, we obviously don’t know the principles that, RULE THIS WORLD !!! Believe me, this is the KING OF ALL ! When implemented correctly, THIS PRINCIPLES WILL TAKE YOU TO PLACES YOU WANT TO GO ! At the same time, when you are not aware of it, THIS WILL LEAD YOU TO THE DARKEST PLACES !!! THE NAME : SECOND ORDER CONSEQUENCES. We are all naturally, inclined to think only upto FIRST ORDER CONSEQUENCE. This is WHY we RANDOMLY DO ANYTHING WE THINK IS RIGHT, However, when we TRULY understand SECOND ORDER CONSEQUENCES, EVERYTHING CHANGES !!! The best part, THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING! So, to a very few who read, I am just curious to know how many of you are already aware of this ? Care to share and let me know if you have consciously or subconsciously implemented this ? Has this helped you ? Is there anything else you would recommend for me ? Thank you in advance
New comment Feb 8
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@Lorcan Dolan Ruiz In simple words apart from the book-definition, Second order consequences A.K.A Second order effect is how we ‘don’t think short-term’, it is how we don’t settle for quick, temporary pleasures. For example, we are trapped at first order effect when we choose to buy entertainment instead of something that will educate us. You might ask me what if I buy both ? Which is a logical question and I don’t want to make this too long. So, I’ll wait this one !!! Please feel free to comment below as to how, even if we buy both we are still stuck at First-order effect. Dig in and let me know what you think? This will help you understand this in a subconscious level !!! Understanding this, you’ll also get the answer to the other question.
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@Lorcan Dolan Ruiz @Brian Morris Thanks for the thought. Gotta learn that!!!
Has anyone in here made female friends? How did you do it?
Does anyone here make female friends that they go out with at least semi-reguarly? How did you make them you friend, what did the onboarding process look like, where you slowly got more and more comfortable together. Bonus points if the girl was actually hot because it's significantly easier to make friends with a girl you vastly outrank in looks or social status. (As in, if the girl is a loser, it's easier to make friends with her then if she's hot popular blonde socialite type) Not expected many responses to this post because most of everyone in here are rookies to this stuff. Expecting tumbleweeds...
New comment Feb 8
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@Kyle Mullaney is absolutely right. I might also add in, you gotta apply LAW OF AVERAGES TO FIGHT THE FORCES OF AVERAGE. What I mean is that, especially in the start don’t be too picky. Just talk to every girl you see, EVERYONE ! That is LOA. THIS WILL HELP YOU, pick girls with quality, irrespective of how they look. They will lead you to the hot ones ! OH, THE HOT ONES; When you ACTUALLY apply LOA believe me with time, you will learn to care less. WHEN YOU HAVE LEARNT THIS, YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. Just don’t make the mistake like most : 1st order effect. That’s how you fight the FORCE OF AVERAGES !!! Looking at the way you framed the question, I could tell you are at the right track. Hope this helps :) Apply it and let me know!!! Learnt the concept from @Michael Sartain & @Ryan Stewman I just framed it to this context.
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