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It's the best platform to build your community and host your courses. An edu-creator's dream... There are communities less than 5 weeks old making $100k/month. Everyone has this opportunity NOW. I created a comprehensive SKOOL GPT that's packed with: - FAQs - Top tips to monetize successfully - Step-by-step questions to help you get started Clarity is KEY. Use it here (FREE): This GPT is 100% FREE, but all I ask is that when you create your Skool, please consider using my referral link (at no cost to you) : Thanks! If you have any questions in getting your own community up-and-running, I'd love to help! Have a BLESSED SUNDAY.
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Great Lyle! Thanks!
OpenAI Release Day🤩🚀
What do you think OpenAI will announce today?
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Introduction of 'Sora', updates of ChatGPT, Advanced AI Solutions for Developers and Generative AI Video Features (according to ChatGPT)
Hi everyone, my name is Laurentiu, I am a beginner when we talk about AI, and I would like to learn more about AI tools and how can be used for personal use. Good luck to all of you!
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Secret ingredient every successful entrepreneur needs... PLUS Power Prompt!
Building a fortune requires leverage. Without it, you're limited by your own time and resources. There are three main sources of business leverage: capital, people, and products with no marginal cost of replication. • Capital gives you the resources to invest in growth. • People can amplify your efforts and skills. • Products with zero replication costs, like code and media, can be sold multiple times without added expense. Identify which type of leverage you need most and focus on building it. With the right leverage, your business can grow exponentially. Prompt to ace this: "Construct a meticulous step-by-step guide to determine the optimal type of leverage needed for a (specific business model or industry e.g., tech startup, retail) and how to effectively acquire it. Begin by assessing the current business structure and objectives to pinpoint where leverage could have the maximum impact. For capital leverage, guide through avenues such as venture funding, loans, or angel investing, detailing the pros, cons, and how to approach each. For labor leverage, delve into strategies for scaling workforce efficiently—whether through outsourcing, automation, or hiring—with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and skill alignment. For products with zero replication costs, explore digital products or scalable service models that can be easily replicated without additional costs. Include detailed action steps for transitioning to a software-based service if applicable, or developing digital products that meet market needs. Conclude with a comprehensive evaluation plan for each type of leverage, incorporating metrics for success, timeline projections, and adaptation strategies based on market response and internal feedback loops." Benefit: This prompt not only helps identify which type of leverage—capital, labor, or products—is most beneficial for your specific business context but also provides a detailed roadmap for acquiring and implementing this leverage to maximize growth and efficiency.
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Secret ingredient every successful entrepreneur needs... PLUS Power Prompt!
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Great prompt. Thanks!
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Product leverage is what I need most
Ai let Loose
Yo, listen up, this shit's for the real animal lovers and brainiacs out here. In 2022, some scientists at Queen Mary University of London's Bee Sensory and Behavioral Ecology Lab stumbled upon something wild: bumblebees, those tiny fuzzy buzzers, were straight up playin' around with wooden balls! They was pushin' 'em, turnin' 'em, no connection to gettin' it on or survivin', just for the fun of it. This research is part of a bigger picture that a bunch of smart cats in the animal mind field brought up recently, supportin' the idea that consciousness ain't just limited to us great apes and humans, but spreads to animals that seem as different as night and day. For decades, scientists believed consciousness was an exclusive human trait, but now they're startin' to think it might be more common in the animal kingdom than we thought, even those with simpler nervous systems. Them scholars signed a declaration called "New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness," which acknowledges that vertebrates like reptiles, amphibians, and fish, as well as invertebrates like cephalopod mollusks, decapod crustaceans, and insects, might have a real shot at having consciousness. The declaration reads, "The empirical evidence indicates at least a realistic possibility of conscious experience in all vertebrates and many invertebrates." This shit was revealed on April 19 during a conference called "The Emerging Science of Animal Consciousness" held at New York University. Spearheaded by Kristin Andrews, Jeff Sebo, and Jonathan Birch, the declaration has already been signed by 39 researchers, including big names like Nicola Clayton, Irene Pepperberg, Anil Seth, Christof Koch, Lars Chittka, David Chalmers, and Peter Godfrey-Smith. As Anil Seth, a neuroscientist from the University of Sussex, put it: "I hope this declaration raises awareness for nonhuman consciousness and ethical challenges that come with it. I hope it sparks discussion, informs animal welfare policies, and brings us all to appreciate our shared experiences with other animals."
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Interesting research
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Huib den Hollander
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AI-enthousiast. Lawyer and mediator based in The Netherlands interested in learning as much as possible about the use of AI

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