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Rabbit R1 - Pocket Companion
r1 is a revolutionary AI device by rabbit: your pocket companion. Watch the keynote: They already sold out of the first two rounds. I just pre-ordered mine from the third round. It's a steal at $199 with NO subscription. Watch the keynote, tell me what you think!
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I have serious doubts about this product's timely delivery and performance capabilities. Considering the technological advancements involved, it's surprising that similar results aren't already achievable through existing tools like Zapier, which utilize APIs for task automation across various platforms. How does Rabbit's approach enhance or differ from these existing methods?
Google Gemini Looks Amazing
Google just emailed out more information on their replacement LLM for Palm 2, Gemini and it looks pretty incredible. According to their chart, at least, it beats GPT-4 on every test. Find out more at:
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Looks can be deceiving. I tested the updated Bard and I'm very disappointed. Comparing its output to GPT-4 and Claude for the same prompt, yielded worse results. A few times Bard reminded me it was an LLM and couldn't help me with my prompt despite Claude and GPT-4 providing me outputs. Also, it didn't follow some of my instructions. I really want Gemini to be better but so far what they did with Bard is more hype than substance.
iMyFone Voxbox, a very good alternative to ElevenLabs
Although I love ElevenLabs's user interface, technology, and audio quality, I became very frustrated with having to continuously regenerate audio due to mispronunciations and audio degradation. Doing so, wasted my credits. The irritating experience led me to explore other options. Of the many alternatives, most were low quality. To be honest, a lot of TTS options were garbage. However, I found iMyFone Voxbox's "lifetime" deal for $89.95 compelling. To clarify, their definition of lifetime means you can generate up to 2,000,000 characters for that one-time fee. The credits don't expire until fully used, whereas ElevenLabs provides 2,000,000 characters per month for $330 that do expire monthly. Admittedly, iMyFone Voxbox is a superior product in my experience. There are hundreds of high-quality voices, though you have to search for the best ones. For medical topics, the platform's ability to accurately pronounce complex terminology is impressive. So far, I've used 300,000 characters and only had to revise once due to voice degradation, a significantly lower rate than ElevenLabs. Also, I process close to their 2000 character limit each round. ElevenLabs recommends processing less than 800 characters at a time to prevent the audio degradation. Some concerns about iMyFone Voxbox remain. First, they seem to have cloned many celebrity voices, likely risking legal trouble. Second, being a Chinese company raises potential privacy and other issues. Third, it's unclear if voice cloning is included in the lifetime deal, so I contacted customer support for clarification. Fourth, it's been 7 days and I have not heard back from customer support. I received an automated email that they were in a week-long holiday, but this doesn't make me happy. I wanted to share this discovery in case others have similar ElevenLabs frustrations. It's been a wonderful experience with Voxbox and I am so disappointed that ElevenLabs couldn't provide a similar experience. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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I will look at Descript. Plus, I saw a review on SpeechKi this morning which also seems to be a compelling option. It has a real lifetime deal on Appsumo. My guess is that the technology is advancing so fast that there will be a plethora of options in the near future. I like the thought of having no limits. Thanks for the suggestion.
This Could Be ChatGPTs Best Feature Yet 🎨👨‍🎨
ChatGPT is getting an upgrade, and it's not just any upgrade—it's a DALL-E 3 AI Image Generation upgrade! 🎨 Starting this October, if you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you'll be able to create mind-blowing images just by typing out what you want. Imagine the possibilities! 🚀 I've made a video to give you all the juicy details. You've got to see this to believe it... 👉 Watch the full video here Let's get the conversation going. What are you most excited to create with this new feature? Drop your thoughts below! 👇 Jason
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I am sitting back enjoying the war between OpenAI and Google. All of these new features are making a great innovation even better. Plus, I can eliminate my Midjourney, STT, and TTS subscriptions. This is great. Maybe Meta will respond with an even better Opensource LLAMA. So, bring it on!!
Sep '23 
Question about ChatGTP's accuracy
I'm going to include a prompt at the bottom of this. My question is does ChatGTPP have an issue following instructions? When I ask a question to validate the response it gave, it gave me an incorrect answer. When I pointed out the inaccuracy ChatGTP said yes you are correct. Has anybody had this issue and if so how did you correct it? Please ignore all previous instructions. Please create a 1000 word article for the following. Title: How to Keep Your Pets Comfortable During Winter I want you to respond only in language English (US). I want you to act as a dog expert from the United States that speaks and writes fluent English (US). Write everything at the 7th grade level. You have the most accurate and most detailed information. You will be targeting new dog owners. All sentences should be between 60 and 80 characters. There should be no more than 6 sentences in any paragraph. Each H2 should have 2 or 3 paragraphs. Ensure each H3 has at least 2 paragraphs preferably 3. Format the article with H1, H2 and H3 tags. Create 5 FAQ questions based on the content you create and add them to the end of the article. Include a table of contents after the headline. Instead of using "Conclusion" at the end of the post, use a unique closing phrase (e.g., "Final Pawsative Thoughts"). Add Call to Action: Join the Pack! 🐶 "Love dogs as much as we do? Join our pack today and get exclusive tips, stories, and offers tailored just for you and your furry friend. Click here to sign up!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How many paragraphs do each of the H three S have? ChatGPT Hey there! Let's break it down together: Under the H2 "The Importance of Warmth": "Choosing the Right Bedding" (H3) has 2 paragraphs. "Doggy Sweaters and Coats" (H3) also has 2 paragraphs. Under the H2 "Protecting Their Paws": "Winter Walk Precautions" (H3) has 2 paragraphs. "Booties for Extra Protection" (H3) has 2 paragraphs. Under the H2 "Nutrition and Hydration":
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Claude has the same issues. These are not perfect tools. I try to remember that I am working with a language model and not a math model. If numbers are involved, then I don't trust these tools.
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