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Introducing "The Skool Games"
There's two sides to building a business online: Tools and Training on how to use those tools. The problem with training is opinions. There are so many opinions, they contradict each-other, and it's hard to know what to do. If only there was a way to see what's working now in realtime... Introducing The Skool Games — a fun way to build your own business with other people — where the training comes from the winners fresh every month. Here's how it works: 1. Skool group owners that want to play can join The Skool Games group 2. You drive traffic to your group, get customers, and grow your MRR 3. Leaderboards show who's adding the most New MRR each month in realtime 4. The top 10 on the leaderboards win 1-day with @Alex Hormozi and me at his Vegas HQ where we share what we did to win and collaborate to find ways to improve (we'll record the whole thing) 5. Everybody who gets 3 paid members to join their group will unlock the 1-day recordings so you can hear directly from the winners and be a fly on the wall so you can up your game 6. Every month theres a new chance to win. If you don't win the first month, you'll learn from the winners in the 1-day recordings where they share exactly what they did to win We're basically crowdsourcing the best strategies and tactics to make money online doing what you love. We're not telling you what to do, we want you to be creative and try new things. We're all playing the same game. Different people are good at different things, let's see who can figure out each part of the equation and come together to form the ultimate way to play. If we evolve the training and the tool (Skool) in a constant monthly improvement loop, this industry will innovate at a pace we've never seen before. I can't wait! We know people are using Skool in different ways, and that's awesome. Keep using Skool however you want, The Skool Games are totally optional and the discussions will happen in a separate group.
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Payment has to come via Skool payment link to go towards MRR as opposed to an external stripe link?
Email Collection
Is there any other way to collect emails other than relying on membership questions? The majority of leads I have bypass the membership questions - I do have zapier integration for those who do fill it out. Would be great if there was a way to collect it as they sign up or when prompted to upload pic and bio so it couldn't be bypassed. Is there anything in the pipeline here or does anyone have any suggestions to help?
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe that's great they will be made mandatory for free groups. Thanks mate.
2 Effective Ways to Grow a Low Ticket Membership on Skool
I've tried a ton of different methods to grow my $49/month Skool membership, but these 2 methods consistently work the best for me & my clients. The best part is, neither of them feel like you're selling anything. I'm in the process of trying a paid ads strategy to grow my Skool community, and will update you when I have results, but for now, try using these 2 organic strategies for consistent growth and let me know how they work for you. 🥂 Ted
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@Ted Carr I really like the 7 day trial concept. How do you do this in skool? Once someone has joined how does access get removed within 7 days without manually removing access?
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